Straight from FENDI SS20 runway with SILVIA VENTURINI


From pleated oxford weave bags to the fur-lined lycra dresses, here's your Fendi-style fashion byte

Silvia Venturini Fendi’s collection has always been one of the most awaited parts of any season's fashion week and by her showcase of Spring/Summer 2020, she gave us more reasons for believing it. As Venturini Fendi described it as “a solar mood’’, the collection is an aesthetic reflection of lovely sunrise and sunsets that she’s seen at her family house on the Islands on Ponza. But what stood out the most to us was the amalgamation of fabrics, done with the artisanal prowess that the brand has always been known for. Unlike the Fall collection, the designer chose not to indulge in bright and neon hues, again drawing a contrast between the seasons and garments.Though every look on the runway was as intriguing as the other, we’re sharing a few applaudable elements from the entire show.

Browns and Beiges

Probably the first thing you notice, when you look over the collection as a whole is the prominent use of the brownish hue. Except for a few multi-coloured floral-print looks at the end, the sun-kissed umber tint dominated the collection and reminded us of new beginnings and dusky tans of summer, exactly as intended by Venturini.

Photo credit: Vogue

Perforated Quilted Pieces

The inclusion of quilted fabrics into the Spring/Summer collection has to be one of the exceptional decisions made by the designer, adding relaxed yet structured silhouettes into the collection. Crafted in white, light pinks, and complete florals the quilted fabric saw some innovative versions in the form of pants, jackets, and skirts.

Photo credit: Vogue 

Lycra and Fur

As we mentioned earlier, the designer chose to play with the combination of fabrics, one of which was the mixture of fur and lycra. Take for instance the lining of fur over the lycra-based brownish-yellow checked coat and floral dress, two ways in which the designer reinvented how to introduce fur into the Spring season. Also, doing so in striped and blocked designs, we got another vision into the playfulness of fur.

Photo credits: Vogue  

Weave Bags

Speaking on the subject of accessories, apart from the abundant ring necklaces, what we could see were a plethora of weave bags. In both sizable and compact sizes, the weave design was thoroughly explored by the designer in various ways – from minimal plain to patterned twill to pleated oxford weaves – the bags were constructed in distinctive yet compatible hues of yellow, green, and white.

Photo credit: Vogue  


With many sheer and mesh fabrics dominating the runways this season, it didn’t come as a surprise when Fendi did the same; what was surprising although was the use of a more relaxed fabric like organza in place of the structural tulle. Sheer skirts of the fluid fabric with crochet tanks in micro-check patterns were one of the signature imprints of Venturini Fendi’s own style.

Photo credit: Vogue

In conclusion, Fendi’s collection was fresh (some might say adventurous) and extremely creative in regards to the inclusion of fabrics, making it an absolute win as a collection. Although experimental on outer levels, the collection primarily, was true with the brand’s style.

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