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What does it tell? How to incorporate that in your home space?

If you are someone who likes to get deep into the psychological facts, then you've most likely heard of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) which is an interesting and one of the best ways to define a personality by using a set of questionnaires. If you’re hearing it for the first time then it is a reliable study of human experience which is governed by four principal psychological functions: sensation, intuition, feeling, and thinking. The core of the theory says that much seemingly random variation in the behaviour is actually quite orderly and consistent which can a tell a lot about the person’s likings and thought process. And once you’ve figured it out what’s your ‘type’, you can incorporate it into your life. We have done a bit of a drill for you to know how you can decorate your abode based on your personality traits. While there are sixteen of them, we have bought it down to the four most possible and common ones. 

At the very core of it, the theory understands people based on what they prioritise more in life, for instance, how would you prioritize top four from these? 

People and things (extraversion or ‘E’)

Ideas and information (introversion or ‘I’)

Facts and reality (sensing or ‘S’)

Possibilities and potential (intuition or ‘N’)

Logic and truth (thinking or ‘T’)

Values and relationships (feeling or ‘F’)

A well-structured lifestyle (judgment or ‘J’)

One that goes with the flow (perception or ‘P’)

Here’s what your possible combination means:

ENFP: Bohemian

You live life to its fullest, you are carefree and super enthusiastic. Your vibe and energy are what pull people closer to you, and that’s something you should never let go. For your free-soul, styling your home with bohemian décor will suit your personality best. Make messy corners by using rich patterns and vibrant colours. Keep your home space bold and slightly chaotic, just the way you are. Choose rugs, dreamcatchers, patterned throws, candle lanterns and colourful art pieces for your space. Add a few plants and you can a place to entertain your loved ones.

Photo credits: Architectural Digest

ISTJ: Minimalist

You are straight-forward and have a no-fuss personality. You take no shits and people do appreciate that. You like having a space that reflects your well-organised mannerism and nothing can suit you best rather than going Minimalist in your interior design. Create a classical theme, neat and clean, clutter-free space by using soft furniture. Look for soft wall paints and try keeping your walls clean with no art hanging on it. Choose floor lamps with white light rather than choosing yellow light. Create your cosy and clean corner which could be your relaxing haven.

Photo credits: Architectural Digest

ISTP: Mid-Century Modern

You have an individualistic and uncomplicated mind. You enjoy your adventurous side but also like to keep it safe. And for you who have a striking creative streak, something like a mid-century modern style could be what you’re looking for. This specific style is known for bold choices like choosing leather furniture or having large spaces. Taking Mid-Century style home can add up Scandinavian décor style with wooden ceiling, use of wooden panelling and white, pale, beige or off-white shades. While you also don’t like to follow a traditional path, sticking to this style will let you put your unique spin without being flashy.

Photo credits: Architectural Digest

ISFP: Art Deco

Your creativity speaks out for you. And to break free all the norms, you want the space that doesn’t suffocate you. For your unconventional and artistic heart, Art Deco home is the thing. Go against the usual and let your mind speak out loud. You can create a quirky atmosphere, that doesn’t play by the rules. And what to add? Definitely bold graphic prints, animal or geometric designs and maybe classy colours. Little such additions and your abode will still manage to look put together and elegant, which sums up the way people feel about you. You create large scale installations with antiques or artefacts collected over your travels. And because of you like change, don’t get glued to one typical design aesthetics, keep it changing.

Photo credits: Architectural Digest

Bohemian, minimalist, mid-century modern or art deco – with the help of MBTI, choose the one that demonstrates ‘you’

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