Embrace the curves and rounds to make your abode look happier

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Its official—curves are in, and here is how you should incorporate it in your home.

While deciding on your furniture or decor items, how often do you pay emphasis on its shape? Apart from how pleasing your ottoman looks or how magnificent your dining table is, do you know the shape of your interior elements holds much of the credits to make your abode look livelier? Talking about the trend that seems to be taking a front seat is having curves and rounds added to your interior aesthetics. Furniture that is round and curvy tend to look more inviting and gives you a sense of calm. According to research, curves and round shapes act as a perfect balance and harmony in contrast to a home’s traditionally solid and angular structure. It’s time to move on from squares and rectangles and get ready to bring in some drama to your space. Whether you go for a curvy sofa, rounded corner console, round dining table or round cushions, we are here to give you some cues on how to incorporate rounds and curves into your home.

Coffee Tables

Starting with the centre of attraction, a round coffee table is good for a start. Not just it makes the room look more spacious but it also makes your living room feel more relaxed than any other rectangular or square coffee table. You can go in the length of choices from glass and wood to wicker and brass. There should be no restriction in the material until or unless it's round and fits in well in your living room. 

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Round cushions 

Often while picking up cushions for our sofa or bed, we tend to skip on the round ones. But guess what, round cushions add up more beauty to your living space. Once you bring them home, you’ll find that they are more comfortable and do not look bulky on any furniture. 

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Round Beds

Although only a few people get inclined towards round beds, it can be a great way to make your bedroom look different from the usual. Round beds look highly exotic and can make your bedroom look more romantic. You can choose to go all white or can have a black leather round bed. Place it near the window or place it in the centre, either way, you are making a difference. 

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Curved Mirrors

The easiest way to soften up any space is by going for a round or curvy mirror. They are an incredibly chic and practical addition. Round and curvy mirrors are a good choice to make your room look bigger and spacious. You can choose a frameless design, modest gold frame or something lavish like ceramic borders. The best place to install these carved mirrors is the hallway and dining area. 

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Round Consoles

If space allows, why not go for a curved console table in your entryway? Decorate it with candles, small plants or place a decorative runner. Flawlessly styled round consoles will give your place a hassle-free and soft look. Pairing it with the theme of your interiors, you can choose a contemporary, traditional, chic or a modern look. 

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Round up your home for a serious curvy appeal. 

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