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Jump into the past and have a royal sleep!

What if you can time travel in the royal days of a Rajasthani princess bedroom, or the renaissance age gallery or the courtier’s love nook of 17th century England? The answer lies in the all-thing vintage and opulent – the canopy beds, which have seen each century passing by and still have a sound grip on décor trends. These antique beauties not only anchor space and grandeur but also symbolise luxury and sophistication. And if you are looking for a classic up-gradation of your bedroom, look no further, as these canopy beds will easily give an elevated touch. Supported by frames and draped with fabrics, these beds are perfect to create a romantic atmosphere or transform your bedroom into a royal affair. And if you do not have it from your grandmother's well-preserved collection, fret not as we have a great canopy bed collection for you to choose from. Simply plunge on these and trip down the memory lane. 

Authentic wooden carvings

Be it a Boho, Scandinavian, Indian or an Earthy look, a wooden canopy bed fits in all kinds of design aesthetics of your room. Especially if you have a large bedroom, placing a wooden carved canopy bed in the centre would do justice to space. Its natural earthy look will help in creating a warmth you need after a long tiring day. And yes! it will never fail to attract a lot of appreciation from your friends and guests visiting over for the royal-ness it spills. 

Photo credit: Elle Decor

Citadel Poster Bed With Storage
Citadel Poster Bed With Storage
INR 55,999
AT woodenstreet
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Take it outdoors

These outdoor canopy beds can be your secret crush that can satiate your inner wanderlust. Simply harbour it in your garden or terrace or even balconies to enjoy a holiday mood while sitting at home. Indulge in the outdoor living extravaganza even more by putting a few curtains around and a few lanterns or your favourite scented candles. After all, who doesn’t want to sleep under the night sky and wake up around flowers?

Photo credit: House Beautiful

Outdoor Wicker Canopy Bed - Riviera
Outdoor Wicker Canopy Bed - Riviera
INR 125,002
AT luxox
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Modern and contemporary

If you are a fan of clean lines and like to keep things simple and comfortable, you can never go wrong with the modern-style canopy beds. Even being cosy, these give you ample space to breathe in while adding an extra layer of sophistication to your bedroom. You can choose thin metal frames if you like the industrial look and add sheer curtains for the backdrop. 

Photo credit: Pinterest

Teak Four Poster Bed TBD-2701
Teak Four Poster Bed TBD-2701
INR 85000
AT timber craft
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Which one you are planning to bring home?

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