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Our tips for a smashing end of summer party

Summer is almost over and before we welcome chilly autumn, why not go out with a bang? There are so many options to throw the perfect summer party: a BBQ with close friends and family, or a celebration of the last of summer’s light in your garden - the possibilities are endless!

Here is our roundup of the best ideas to throw a party that will have everyone talking for months after:

Quench the thirst
No matter the spread, summer is the time for plenty of hydration. Setting up a bar where guests can help themselves ensures everyone is greeted with a drink. Make some pitchers of sangria or spike a classic lemonade - the timeless crowd pleaser. Remember to also have alternatives for teetotalers and kids.

Feed them
Appetizers or finger food will ensure your guests are mobile, allowing them to mingle easily and get the conversation flowing. Populate your menu with light salads, fruit or BBQ versions of popular dishes - don’t render your guests comatose with heavy dishes like rice and potatoes!

Keep it simple
A simple theme will help you tie in the party without adding to your planning woes. Choose a single colour or go floral for easy inspiration to make your party effortlessly special. Move your furniture into the garden or bring some plants indoor for a splash of green.

Light it up
Hosting an evening party that will move well into the night? Make sure you have plenty of lighting. Fairy lights and candles add ambience without being intrusive. Hurricane lanterns also work well in a garden, keeping the lights on in windy weather.

Practical matters
Bugs and mosquitoes love a warm, balmy evening as much as you do. These pesky party crashers can have your friends and family running for cover before the party has even begun! Drain any stagnant water, add portable fans and make sure you have plenty of Odomos on hand.

If you’re using portable fans or lighting with wires, make sure you’ve tucked them away safely or taped them to the ground - to avoid accidents waiting to happen.

Master the music
Speakers on full blast is a strict no-no: it disrupts conversation, and it’s not a nightclub! Employ more speakers, spread out evenly and set at a lower volume. Create a playlist with plenty of classics - the Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Rolling Stones - to begin the evening on a mellow note.

Later, turn it up a notch with Drake’s latest album which dropped late last month. Nicki Minaj’s ‘Queen’ and Ariana Grande’s ‘Sweetner’ are also due to launch their much awaited albums in early August.

What are you waiting for? Start planning and have an excellent party !

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