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Fabulous ideas for a comforting rendezvous with family and friends

Every day can be a party, that too a gracious one! That’s exactly what the Chef, actor, author, and entertaining authority David Burtka believes in owing to his lifetime experience of throwing fabulous parties for his star clientele like Katy Perry and Elon Musk. Let us all get acquainted with his lavish and utterly comforting ideas that will relish your every mood, be it a modest and intimate get together or a striking blowout bash, his approach is unbelievably doable and mesmerizing.

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Here goes David’s most sworn by tips that will help you decode the secrets of the star host. Get ready and put your hospitality cap on.  

Set the mood right with lighting

Lights are very important as they set the mood of your fête, according to David. Have you noticed the cosy-warm vibe when you enter a place with dim lights and the splash of energy that hits you as soon as you step in a bright ambience, well, the impact is really that drastic. Different types of lights help break the monotony of a space – experiment with fairy lights, pendant lights and even a centre-piece lamp on your buffet table can create a whole lot of difference.

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Set your table the night before

To avoid last minute surprises, always set your table the night before. There is something very reassuring for you to know that everything is on the table when your habitué is set to dine. Why should you look for complementing napkins or search for themed cutlery at the last moment? Imagine yourself running around putting flowers in a vase while welcoming guests. Oops! Avoid! Go by the rule.

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Make sure you have a seating chart

Seating plans have a bad reputation though, but in David’s words – you should always have one if you’re looking for an entertainment packed evening. Such plans help you design seating that surely avoids any faux pas or an awkward situation – let your most extroverted pals take the centre stage and have your most charming guest seated across the table while the introvert ones sit towards the edges along with the hosts – It really works for a lively communication making each person feel involved and cherished.

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Make a surprising playlist

The most important element of any great party is the music that accompanies the guest throughout and therefore, make it groove-some and surprising. Knowing the taste of your guests can literally transform your nonchalant gathering into a night to remember having everyone’s applaud for the DJ (You!). To entice your friends, blend your music in an unpredictable sequence of melodies. Trust us, you won’t complain, actually no one would.

Decide your party outfit the night before

One thing that can actually make your life easier and your mornings far less stressful: planning your outfit the night before. This way you get time to dig your wardrobe, shop if you want and experiment with your look and be a well-dressed host. Don’t worry, we will not let your guests know how many dresses you tried (a little of an evil laugh).

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To go more insightful, get your hands on David’s latest party-guide ‘Life is a party’ where you not only get more of his hosting secrets but an array of delectable recipes too.

Now that the ideas are all set, brace yourself up, pull up your stockings, straighten that broach and be ready to hear the Doorbell!

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