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Dip your bedroom walls in these shades and have a happy morning

We know the struggle is real! Waking up early and leaving the bed is not always easy. With your eyes full of sleep and body forcing you to lay back for those extra five minutes of nap, you need that extra push to wake up. And what if we tell you a suitable wall colour can make it a whole lot easier. Colours affect our mood and if we choose to put cool and calming shades on our bedroom walls, it acts as an energy booster. Keeping you away from all the head-scratches, we have assembled a few colour shades that will suit your bedroom needs. So, whether you like to sleep a little longer or you are an early riser, these hues will ensure that you have a relaxed and calm mind every morning. 

Cranberry Red
Highly energetic yet calming, a bold red wall colour in your bedroom can create a perfect backdrop for a good sleep. Pairing it with sleek black furniture and natural decor, your bedroom will look royal and elegant. This shade of red is no wonder bold and timeless. And if you are a late riser, this hue will keep the vibe of the room cool even after the sun strikes inside. Giving it a perfect contrast, dip your ceiling in white tone.

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Sparkling Silver
For your sparkling personality, your bedroom should shimmer too! A silver themed bedroom can be a great idea if you are up for a cool space with a pinch of sassiness. To pair it up, hang antique crystal chandelier and a silver silk headboard. Silver will also help in keeping you stress-free. And of course, sleeping in a silver room will always make you feel at peace and important. 

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Delicate Blue
Feel like a seashore, when you walk into the bedroom. This shade of blue adds softness to the place and creates a breezy ambience. Giving you a soothing effect, delicate blue can be paired with numerous design aspects. You can pair with bronze decor or earthy furniture. With this shade, choose the bedroom linen in lighter shades and feel like you are living near the sea. We are sure, your boredom will quickly be kicked away with new energy and zeal. 

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Pale Beige
Gone are those days when beige was considered as dull. Pale beige is one of the most versatile shade you can use to colour your bedroom walls. Apart from being warm and subtle, pale beige also helps in increasing the tranquillity of the space. You can add a pop of colour by adding a few colourful cushions, or wall-arts. This colour suits best for the early risers. 

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Mint Green
If your design aesthetics speak retro, painting your bedroom mint green is a good decision. Mint is a synonym of freshness, and while painting it all minty, you will soon find yourself in an oasis of calm aura. You can complete the look by having a warm wood retro-style side table or an old-school landscape painting hanging just above the headboard. You’ll soon fall in love with this elegant makeover.

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Which colour are you dreaming about for good sleep?

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