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Five interesting ways to ensure at-home work is packed with productivity

Working from home is amazing! You don’t have to dress up and rush out in heavy traffic to reach work on time. You can be in your sweats all day and take breaks when you want. Sometimes though, working from home can be boring and make you feel lethargic leading to a productivity dip. Here are five ways to make sure you are at your efficient best in such times.

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Create a dedicated work zone

Just as you have a dedicated work space or a cubicle in office, it’s important to have something similar at home – it can be a whole separate room or just a table and soft board you’ve set aside for work. This space should have a computer, high speed internet connection, a filing system, office supplies and minimalist furnishings to avoid distractions. You’ll also need to set rules with family members at home to not intrude during your workday. Tell them you are not at home and unavailable during work time.


Make a list

A daily to-do list is a must to prioritise work and plan your day. Have post-its on a board near your table and jot down tasks in a diary that you keep on your desk at all times. Your work list should be in front of you instead of hidden in an app on your phone. Though if an app can help you in terms of reminders or anything else, please use it. Having an organized to-do list can effectively bring down work stress.

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Take a break every 45 minutes

You need to mentally refresh every now and then. This could include petting your dog, cuddling with your toddler, taking a small walk around the house, watering plants, or just closing your eyes for five minutes. Take a break and do something which is not work related. A small, productive distraction helps to refresh the mind and soul and actually increases productivity when you get back to work post your break.


Create a playlist

Put together some music you love listening to and play through your workday. Some songs helps you concentrate better than others and it will take you a few playlists to decide what works for you but either way, it’s important. Music helps calm nerves and even makes you feel energized. Selecting songs and creating playlists is a bit of an effort but completely worth it.


Use ergonomic furniture

One big drawback of working from home is the temptation to do it sitting on your bed or in the same chair for far too long with no consideration for posture. What you need is a comfy ergonomic chair to help increase productivity – it should be cushioned, have a good backrest and apt height so you don’t have to slouch.

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