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Indian textiles exude a charm of their own | Learn how to effortlessly introduce them into your home

Gorgeous Indian silks, hand painted chic warli cottons or khadi and ethnic jute … the new-age homemaker has plenty of choices to bring an Indian touch to his or her home décor. When introduced to your living space, they add a regal, rich and very authentic dimension in terms of texture, movement and colour. Here are a few tips on how you can style Indian textiles for your home.

Balance cool and warm tones

Use the colour wheel to understand the balance of cool and warm tones when placing decorative textile furnishings at home. Warm toned jute rugs for the floor and structured wallpaper in neutral to cool tones for the walls create a balanced look. Move slowly and add or subtract one item at a time to achieve the look step by step. While cotton throw pillows in soft warm colours grace the bedspread, sensual cool tones for home accents such as a wall hanging bring a sense of harmony.

Contemporise with kanjeevaram and silks

With a little contemporising, Indian textiles such as kanjeevarams and silks can bring a luxe touch to your surroundings. While sofa cushion covers look best in graphics and prints, you could further enhance the ambience with a focal pillow. An example would be placing a kanjeevaram silk cushion amidst the rows of cotton or mirror-work single-tone cushions. The exotic and royal appeal of silk will help you achieve a pop of texture and colour aesthetically.

Less is more but with a hint of flamboyance

Without going over-the-top one can have an eclectic mix of East-meets-West at home. The same can be achieved with Indian block printed jute curtains or tie and dye fabrics, framed as a backdrop to furnishing pieces. You could lighten up the walls with bright tie-dye curtains or maybe spruce up the kid’s study room with ethnic and bright motifs on curtains. Or you could also place a Rajasthani print lamp on your bedside table. Make sure to not go drastic overnight and let the items grow on you slowly.

Contrast modern and vintage textiles

One cannot go wrong with an array of Indian tones and hues spread across the room, with a touch of antiquity. The contrast of modern and vintage throughout is more striking and evocative than vintage textiles against modern furniture or the reverse. Some ways to incorporate them could be a modern room with mirror work wall hangings or a modern stainless steel recliner with a bright woollen soft shrug.

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