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Pastels are back in trend in icy cool shades and edgy cuts, wooed by high-street brands and designers like Valentino and Stella McCartney

Mint green, dusky pink, misty rose and creamy yellow seem drawn from the palette of the heavens. Such delicate, feminine colors make pastels summer’s best friends and therefore yours too. So, if you find yourself overloaded with pastels, don’t be alarmed, it’s not a malady, but the sweetest favour you’ll do yourself.

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Pastels on Runways High-profile designers like Chloe, Valentino, Stella McCartney and Givenchy are binging on pastels. Edgy cuts, belly deep necklines, mannish jumpsuits are among a few avatars that pastels are being seen in. But since most of us are not as wallet-gifted as others, we’ll have to pull our brain strings instead!

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Pastels are versatile in nature and blend in beautifully with almost everything. If you are the ‘girly’ girl you’re probably already head-over-heels in pastels in your floral dresses, creamy jackets and everything. But if you’d like your pastels to shun the Miss Goody Two-shoes image, go for slits and layers to make pastels your ‘hot date’ accompaniment.

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How about pastels with heavy duty zips, black leather or rugged denim?

Here are a few looks that can be worked to perfection in pastels

Prints & Pastels Pastels gel wonderfully well with clashing prints. Graphic low-waist trousers, striped skirts, polka dot clutches give pastels the proverbial lift. The trick to getting it right is to pick out the pastel color from the printed garment you wish to pair it with. That way you can keep your look clutter free and hold it better together.

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Pastel Punk When was the last time you associated pastels with wild? Not in this century we’re sure! While some marriages are made in heaven, others are made on one’s way to a clandestine rave and one of them is about tying pastels with heavy duty zips, black leather or rugged denim in holy-schmoly matrimony. Soft Grunge, anyone?
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Seoul street style – Seoul fashion week

Pastel Bottoms It’s the swinging ‘70s all over again! Statement trousers, midi skirts in pastels are going to invade many wardrobes this summer. For starters, go for loose super flares that make for an easy-on-the-eye silhouette. You can pair your big girl pants with neutral colors, but if that feels too safe and boring put on a pastel top instead.

So there you have it, pastels as the perfect summer romance. And one with a very happy ending indeed!

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