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A few ideas to help you plate your food like a pro

Whether cooking for yourself or others, surely you agree when we say that the presentation of a meal elevates the experience of dining. Plating food is an art form in the true sense – involving textures, colours and the right balance of the two on a plate.

The art of plating garners huge social media appreciation, where food bloggers and professional chefs showcase their creativity on a platter. You can do it too! Here are some tips to help you plate like a pro


Carefully choose the right plate keeping in mind colour, consistency and the quantity you’re serving

White is a safe choice of plate colour as it creates high contrast against most foods

Select a focal point on your plate and place elements around it. A tried-and-tested way is to place the protein element of the dish at 2 o’clock, the starch at 10 o’clock and the greens/vegetables between 3 and 9 o’clock

Cleanliness is the key to good presentation. Make sure the food doesn’t look messy on the dish, and wipe the edges and bottom of the plate before serving


Include a variety of textures and colours on your plate to create visual interest. You can also try adding some dimension, like height or length

To conclude, we’ve put together some pretty visuals from around the world to inspire you to try your hand at the art of plating.

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