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Winter is all about introducing rich fabrics in your space during the festive season | Velvet tops the list

A hint of velvet conjures up a rich, elegant and luxurious imagery! All the more reason to incorporate it in your home this festive season. While it is associated more with furniture, there are a number of ways to integrate the material in a cost-effective yet exquisite manner.

Winter is generally associated with darker colors, so think of bright velvets which will add warmer and richer tones to a space. The right kind of lighting is also crucial while using velvets for your interiors as it will make your home look more welcoming. We give you five ways to add bright, rich and warm tones to your home.



Adding a velvet throw in a living area will make any living space feel cosy and expensive. Try a contrasting color which works as an accent.



This is one of the easiest ways to add the plush material in your home. It can add contrast and depth against a sofa/seating area in a different material.


Spread a velvet runner and make your guests feel royal.


Adding to Drapery

Draperies tend to be an afterthought but one can incorporate it in two easy ways. Adding a velvet border to your drapes or even a tassel will highlight windows.

Used in Dining

Adding velvet as ribbons around culinary or using it as a runner through the dining table will make your guests feel like royalty and show you up as the perfect host, with great taste.


Gift Packaging

Use velvet boxes as gift packaging. Not only will the boxes look lavish, but they can also be stored and reused.

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