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Florals, teddy bear coats, bright colours and hippie patches, a most cheerful winter beckons

Woolly knits and mitts: they’re so cozy to look at, so heavenly to touch, so reminiscent of classical romances in ice skating rinks (are you too thinking of scenes from Erich Segal’s Love Story and Serendipity?) and so innovative in design year after year that you want to be on an endless buying spree till winter apologetically melts into spring.

While you need no checklist to buy those feel-good winter clothes, boots and accessories to sip hot chocolate in, we thought why not dig into the latest AW 2018 collections to get insights into what’s simmering in fashion circuits; and the results were delightful. This year is witnessing trends that haven’t been around for the last many years, and the best part of it – everything is exceptionally cheerful for a season that is otherwise ruled by black and brown sophistication.

Take a look at these trends that have us swooning.

Teddy Bear Coats

Photo credits: Bottega Veneta from Harper’s Bazaar (L), Christian Dior from Harper’s Bazaar (R)

We had to place this on top of the list. We just had to. Tearing yourself out of bed each morning won’t be anywhere as painful when you have the comfort of a luxe faux shearling teddy bear coat to get into soon after. Well, even dreams get dreamier when the outfit of choice for the coming day includes this huggable delight!

Floral Patterns

Photo credits: Christian Dior from Harper’s Bazaar (L), Dolce &Gabbana from Harper’s Bazaar (R)

We always linked floral prints to spring and summer. But this year, flowers will sing their way into winter closets and won’t we all be pleased?

Hippie Patches

Photo credits: Etro from Le Journal des Femmes (L), Prada from Tips in the Bag (R)

Didn’t we say this winter was all about the cheer? Even if your usual winter wardrobe is dominated by neutrals and muted reds, try experimenting with some colour this year through trends like patchy prints and vibrant fringes – with plenty of designer collections including bohemian clothing, the time is just right!


Photo credits: Tom Ford from Rock and Flawless (L), Ulla Johnson from The Impression (R)

Yet another unlikely choice for winter, the staple colour of sunny beach town holidays is to mark its new territory on winter fabrics. Several major shows this fall, including Chanel, Delpozo and Alexander Wang were tinted in fuchsia, with many models decked head to toe in the hue.

Our imagination says, how about pairing this vibrant colour with another one of the season’s favourites – animal print; say a long fuchsia sweater dress with a zebra print muffler?

Maximalist Layering

Photo credits: (L), Harper’s Bazaar (R)

A jacket over a sweater and another jacket over the jacket – if this is what you end up doing on really cold days, this year, you have the sartorial license to do so legitimately. When Balenciaga, Prada and Chanel make their models parade in countless layers, we know it in our hearts that a very comfortable winter ensues.

Winter shopping is unmistakably the best of all seasons. With the Christmas and New Year fiestas ahead, and such unique trends to incorporate into your style, doesn’t the temptation to go shopping get all the more validated?

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