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With Spring 2019 jewelry trends heavily inclining towards maximalism and modern bohemianism, you just can’t shield yourself from the calls of head-turning costume jewelry any more. What costume pieces offer in terms of aesthetics and fashion-forwardness, even precious jewelry can’t match. Sometimes it’s absolutely maverick, and other times so old that it seems like new – think big stone necklaces and handcuffs from grandma’s times. And the best part: it doesn’t matter if you are 22, 38 or 60 – you have plenty of ways to put in costume jewelry in your wardrobe. Let’s see how.

Photo credits: WWD

Take cues from Spring 2019 runways | This Spring, jewelry goes the farthest it can get from being demure and classical. It’s all about big, statement pieces that catch the onlooker’s eye. Chanel’s long, layered necklaces and logo pieces, Chloe’s dramatic earrings and cuffs, and Loewe’s infatuation with feathers – all collectively usher us on to splurging on a box full of baubles.

Photo credits: WWD

Let it be the focus of your ensemble | Costume jewelry is best off when it’s dramatic. It should be something that completely transforms an outfit instead of just complementing it as a mere accessory. So pick a subtle outfit, preferably in a solid color or a small print, and wear it with one conspicuous piece like a necklace or cuff.

Photo credits: Harper’s Bazaar (L); Hair Floaters (R)

Find an occasion to dress your hair up | This is princess-y, or in its more grown-up avatar, Cleopatra-like. It’s not an everyday thing, but certainly something that will make your special occasions more special. The next time you are wearing one of those ethereal gowns, play up the vibe with beautiful jewels in your hair.

Invest in impeccably crafted pieces | Its being costume doesn’t mean it has to be cheap. Go for high quality metals, neat stone fittings and the perfect finish for a rich look. Think of it as no less than an investment piece like a Chanel bag or an Hermes scarf.

What’s your take on costume jewelry? Do you often supplement your precious pieces with quirky ones? If yes, tell us about the most out-of-the-box jewelry experiment you have pulled off.

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