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Expand your wardrobe with some mix ‘n’ match! Learn to layer casual with formal or colours and prints with our style guide

Exceptional style can be achieved with layering in summer and even become the high point of your seasonal wardrobe. The exciting game of mix ‘n’ match also gives you an expanded choice of outfits. Here are a few useful tips.

Street fashion

Layer differently textured fabrics | Each fabric has a story to tell. Sometimes you can sew two very different stories together and create a completely different plot.
Example The classic denim jacket over a cotton shirt or a sundress.

Layer casual with dressy | Keep it ‘casumal’ - casual plus formal - to add mischievous spunk to your personality.
Example A graphic tee worn under a summer jacket.

Layering checks with anything | Checks are so versatile, they spell magic when layered carefully.
Example Checked shirt under a light denim jacket.


Zest up an old pair of bottoms by layering a V-neck over a scooped neckline

Leeann Duggan image

Layer different necks and collars | They are the perfect way to zest up one of your oldest pair of bottoms or if you are having an unflattering leg day.
Example V-neck over scooped neck or a high-collared shirt over a low-collared one.

Layer different accessories | Ah! The joy in this is indescribable. It is the spirit of bohemian leftovers, celebrating uniqueness and individuality.
Example Pairing a long chunky neckpiece with a small dainty one or wearing copious amounts of different colour bangles along with a demure watch.

NYFW street style 2016 – New York fashion week spring 2017

Layering loose and tight pieces | When layering, keep the inner layer tighter than the shell layer. These allow the air in circulation to keep you cool.
Example A green camisole worn under a knee length beige shrug.

Layer contrasting colours and prints | When layering colours, stick to the rule of three (colours). When layering prints, ensure that they are from the same colour family.

New York street fashion

Layering sheer pieces over opaque | Think of it as fashion’s rendition of hide and seek.
Example A transparent jacket over a crop top.

Layering with a scarf. Scarves are the Meryl Streep of layering. They will excel in every role. Wear them around the neck, as a belt, a bandana or a head scarf and they will not disappoint.
Example A floral head scarf with a plain/neutral maxi dress.

Parisian street style 2016 – Paris street style

Layering voluminous clothes with slim cuts. This kind of layering is best suited for slim girls. It accentuates their curves while retaining their petite frame.
Example A peplum skirt with a crop top.

NYFW 2015 street style - New York fashion week

Layering long and short hemlines | Often confused with over dressing, layering hemlines of varying sizes can add a touch of edgy glamour or stylish laidback-ness to your personality.
Example A short skirt over a long one.

Good layering lets each piece proclaim its fashion statement, while giving the sense of a proportional silhouette as a whole.

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