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Enough with humidity-cursed hair, these scalp detoxicants are here to breathe some air of freshness for your mane

We know Monsoon by default brings her ‘bad-hair-time’ sister along cursing with dull, oily, and frizzy hair. But getting lush and lustrous hair even in this damp weather condition is no Chinese puzzle, all you have to do is to sort your Sunday plan with some scalp detox! Believe us when we say, it’s not as complex as ‘detox’ may sound, in fact, it’s super pampering – thanks to these king products that will help you restore your healthy and shiny hair. Be it curly, wavy or straight, make your hair game swoon-worthy by detoxifying your scalp with these fabulous scalp treating products. Brownie points for the fact that you don’t even need to run to a salon.

Leonor Greyl Paris' 'Huile Apaisante' | Buy Now

If you are new to scalp care, Leonor Greyl Paris' 'Huile Apaisante' is the product your hair have been yearning for years, the promising hair product deeply cleanses your scalp and makes it dandruff free in no time (claiming to show results within one wash! Need we say more?). Also, if you're desperately looking for green products then Huile Apaisante is the magic potion for that must-deserved hair glow. Massage this ‘It’ formula on the damp scalp, let it rest for 15 minutes, wash, and swirl in shine! 

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Philip Kingsley's Flaky Itchy Scalp Mask | Buy Now

Only if care had a face it would look like Philip Kingsley's Flaky Itchy Scalp Mask. This detoxifying scalp mask is created to help you get rid of the irritating itchy scalp due to pertaining humidity or pollution. This award-winning product has won the hearts of many with its unique combination of shea butter, lactic acid, and salicylic acid which detoxifies and soothes the scalp, both at once. This formula imbibed in rich antioxidants is sure to spell a lustrous glow on your hair to match that perfect satin gown.

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Omorovicza's Revitalising Scalp Mask | Buy Now

Maintain the definition of perfect hair with Omorovicza's Revitalising Scalp Mask that treats your hair with the detoxifying elements of Hungarian moor mud and soothing sensation of menthol. The presence of mint leaf, lavender, and lemon peel in this formula is surely a blessing for you to escape bad hair days! Plus, the presence of exfoliating salicylic acid and camphor revitalizes the scalp by shredding the dead skin off which turns out as the key to promote hair growth. This cruelty-free mask is cult-known for its results and is perfectly suitable for all hair types. 

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R+Co's crown scalp scrub | Buy Now

This monsoon, tackle the lifeless hair with R+Co's crown scalp scrub and if getting bouncy hair is your prime priority, believe us buying this is surely going to be the best decision! With tangerine and ivory palm seed powder as scrubbing warriors, it will gently exfoliate your skin by absorbing the excess oil. This vegan product is enhanced with the fragrance of green tea, Sicilian lemon, and tress moss to keep your scalp fresh and sebum free. 

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Christophe Robin's Detangling Gelée | Buy Now

Looking for a powerhouse product to restore the good moisture in your scalp and boost hair growth? Christophe Robin's Detangling Gelée is what you need! Made in Italy with a unique blend of sea minerals which are carefully picked by the experts, this enchanting product will leave your hair all bouncy and lustrous without taking a toll on the natural moisture of your scalp. The micronutrients of the product work like a miracle on your scalp by keeping your locks defined and soft. Another reason to get this product is its suitable nature for all skin types. Ladies, this is your detoxifier-cum-detangler. Need we say more?

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Vernon Francois' Scalp Nourishment Spray | Buy Now

If you have tough dreadlocks or extra curly hair, we know your monsoon problem just doubles. Don’t worry! We have a product for you too. Vernon Francois' Scalp Nourishment Spray is the pathway of ultimate nourishment for your scalp keeping them fresh and hydrated accompanied with the benefits of the non-greasy formula. This scalp spray comes almond and jojoba seed oil concoction that leaves a feel-good matte finish on your scalp. And for ladies with sleek hair, this is as much good for you!

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So, which one did you pick for your next scalp detox treatment?

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