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They cover your legs, prevent over-tanning and add an essential style to your summer wardrobe | Here are pants for summer

The only way to keep the tan-o-meter in check, especially if you are a fan of summer tea parties or hot and sweaty music festivals, is to wear pants. And summer 2015 has an abundance of styles.

Linen Pants | What a cold glass of lager is to your mind, linen is to your legs. Linen is a breathe-easy fabric, ideal for covering up during summer and wins the title of ‘king of cool’ against cotton. Its only drawback is that it wrinkles easily and is, hence, high-maintenance.

French style fashion linen pants 
Best street style of London Fashion Week

Tailored Joggers | Casual yet chic and sporty, tailored joggers are all about inserting sports luxe to your summer look. They often feature a drawstring waist and tapering silhouette. They are fashion’s take on the erstwhile track pants that lacked the elegance to be considered for any place other than the neighbourhood park. Tailored joggers, on the other hand, are perfect for evening parties and a casual evening out with the girls.

Cropped pants | A common street style, especially for the summer, it’s clothing that lets you be. Typically, it ends below the knee with rims as large as a dragon’s nostrils. The styling of culottes can get a little tricky because of their length. To know more click here.

Camille Charriere summer style

70’s style pants | Wide-legged pants | The oversized, wide-legged pants are perfect for petite dames as they grow in width towards the ankles, like an inverted V. Although they are among the hottest trends of 2015, you’ll need to be extra-cautious when purchasing one for they are bound to add a few kilos to your frame. But if you have the courage to pull them off, make sure you do it with cropped or fitted tops. A collared, tucked-in satin shirt, buttoned to the top, will turn you into a baroness of all things edgy.

High-waist pants | They tuck in snugly a few inches above the navel and are ideal for taller girls. They are perfectly suitable for business and pleasure as they adopt the traits of different tops with ease. Coupling them with cropped jackets and blazers will elevate their charm.

Pants in fashion
leandra medine 2017

Combat pants | It’s not for nothing they are called combat trousers. In the summer sun, everything becomes a combat—getting coffee, going to work, stepping out! That’s why man invented the cargo. With their many pockets and loose-fit comfort, they let you say to the brightest star - you don’t get to me!

Straight fit | They are more fitted than culottes and hence a wee bit more formal. They can be worn to work and after-work parties with poise and panache.

Best New York Fashion Week Street Style Spring 2017
London fashion week street style pants

Vertical striped trousers | White and black vertical striped trousers make an edgy fashion statement. They are a summer essential for their ability to look good with crop tops, summer jackets, swanky sweat-shirts, denim shirts or just your regular tee. Apart from their chameleon-esque qualities, they also add a few inches on your frame. A million brownie points for that!

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