A hearty rendezvous with the Instagram sensation Dimpi Sanghvi

Iflauntme: You’ve had an unusual journey from being a corporate personnel to a fashion blogger, how would you frame this interesting turn in your life? How did this idea pop up, was it inspired by some trend or is this something you always wanted to do?

Dimpi: I guess the desire to do something which would make me wake up in the morning with an excitement of what the day holds for me made me choose blogging over a mundane corporate life. I knew the risk was high but then it was like a now or never situation for me. In fact, I got into blogging after getting married and couldn't have done it without the support of my husband Shashank Sanghvi, who was there at every step to encourage me and motivate me to have the faith to take this leap.

Iflauntme: After working for a remarkable set of brands like Versus by Versace, Steve Madden, Superdry, Mercedes, Ferragamo, just to name a few; where do you see yourself in the next phase of your journey?

Dimpi: I believe there is still a long road ahead and my focus has always been on doing better work and improving the quality of my content. My plan for this year is to experiment with more unique concepts & looks for shoots plus make more videos.

Iflauntme: Although we keep seeing glimpses of your life on social media, but we would also like to know more about 'Dimpi', away from the camera and the glitz. How does 'a day in the life' is like for you?

Dimpi: Haha! I’m like a girl next door who likes to be in her PJs and watches Netflix all day. I am a fitness freak who loves to work out every day and other than this I make sure that I spend good quality time with my family and friends.

Iflauntme: As we go by the name of your blog 'Wardrobe secrets', knowing that you’ve given an immense amount of styling secrets out there to your followers, we’re intrigued to know whom do you take your notes from? Tell us about that.

Dimpi: It would be my favourite Deepika Padukone. Her style is very bold yet comfortable & she is never afraid of experimenting whether it’s with her clothes, hair or makeup. The way she always carries herself with so much poise and elegance is highly impressive.


Iflauntme: You stay in the heart of Mumbai and Delhi has been in your books lately, what’s your say about the fashion quotient these cities share?

Dimpi: Oh! I love the ever-changing nature of fashion in these cities. I think people here are so expressive in their sense of style and the way they carry themselves, that just makes me feel so alive.

Iflauntme: Do you feel the pressure of being a fashion influencer, of being continuously thriving for the best?

Dimpi: Oh yes! No matter how glamorous it looks on the outside, there is a lot of hard work which goes into it. There is massive competition in the field of blogging and you have to be on your toes. From shoots, events, sourcing to meetings, research, content writing – my team works really hard to put it all together.

Iflauntme: What is that 'must have wardrobe essential' for SS19 which you would like to suggest to our readers?

Dimpi: Bell bottom pants, neon top and animal print boots – these add a quirky element & can uplift a basic simple look.

Iflauntme: What 3 things does anyone starting in your industry need to know?

Dimpi: One most important thing for beginners to know is to be very active on their social media channels & focus on the quality of their content. Attending events & socialising is an integral part of this job. Being an influencer, it is important to not take your followers for granted and most importantly don’t try to pretend to be someone you aren’t.

Iflauntme: You have a massive Instagram family, what is the secret behind this huge follower base?

Dimpi: I think it’s important to find that connect with your audience, so I try to respond to each and every comment or DM. This really brings me closer to my Instagram family.

Iflauntme: Let’s go unfiltered’

IFM: Tell us one trend, you think is overrated -
D: Cold shoulders
IFM: One outfit of yours that you are obsessed with –
D: Distressed denim & Casual Tee
IFM: Longest you can stop yourself from not checking your social media account?
D: Haha, only when I’m sleeping.
IFM: Pick your favourite – Bobbi Brown or M.A.C?
D: M.A.C

Iflauntme: Finally, as you bid adieu to us, we would love to have 'a love note for our IFM readers' from you.

Dimpi: Hope you guys enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed answering. If there is anything specific you want to ask me, you may DM on Instagram and I would love to answer it. Thank you for all the love & support and I wish IFM luck for all the future endeavours. XOXO

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