The founder of 'An Indian Summer' explains her journey

The creative force behind the popular blog ‘An Indian Summer’, Bhavna Bhatnagar’s thoughtful posts bring together design and travel seamlessly. A beautiful curated selection of images from her travel and design finds across the country and the world has made this blogger a favourite among enthusiasts of both lifestyle and interiors. We talk to the designer on her two passions:

Beginning ‘An Indian Summer’
An Indian Summer started as an online scrapbook for me to collate interiors and ideas that inspired me. The blog very soon became a melting pot of like-minded readers who enjoyed the style and aesthetics I shared, and the growing popularity and my interest in design motivated me to leave my corporate job and focus solely on An Indian Summer. It was, and still is, a reflection of my constantly evolving personal sense of aesthetics, décor and interests.

Tips to give a room an instant uplift without a complete makeover
A room, and a home should be an extension of the person and the people who live there. While everyone’s sense of style and décor differ, here are some suggestions that can be applied anytime one wants to change things up:

  1. Move your furniture - change the layout every once a while. Even moving around a couple of pieces of furniture gives the room a fresh look
  2. Change the furnishings – cushions, rugs, curtains, throws based on the season, occasion or your mood
  3. Clear the clutter - every few months, ‘spring clean’ your room and home
  4. Play with lighting - adding or moving a lamp brightens up dull corners or highlights your favorite piece of art/décor

Tips to curate your travels on social media
I believe in very simple guidelines when it comes to social media posting.

  1. Ask yourself the question: Why would someone be interested in what I am sharing? Why would someone want to see my cup of coffee or what I had for lunch or the nth picture of something? Only share if you think your story is not just interesting for you but also to your followers.
  2. Have a distinct voice, especially now, in the world where anyone with an Instagram account and a half decent following is an ‘influencer’.

A cherished memory from her recent travels
It always gives me a thrill when I meet people during my travels who are familiar with or are fans with An Indian Summer. I remember once I reached out to the owner of a lovely little beach cottage in Goa and she told me An Indian Summer was her source of inspiration and ideas when she was doing up her B&B. It feels amazing to have brought some joy and beauty to the life of so many people.

Part of the Top 100 Design Power List in India, Bhavna’s blog is followed by design enthusiasts, homemakers, global brands, architects, stylists, travelers and industry experts. Moving beyond the digital, she consults with brands and creatives on strategy and quality influence; also takes up select interior styling projects and photography assignments.

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