From money roses to personal photo studio, Kylie is giving cues on how to make your office a luxurious workspace

The world's youngest self-made billionaire, Kylie Jenner amazed her fans by posting a video of her office tour on Youtube and spilled on some of the best perks of working with Kylie Cosmetics, a workplace which is so exorbitantly plush.

You will be forced to take notes as you walk around with Kylie in her office.


The first thing that catches the eye is the huge neon pink Kylie sign hanging on the wall. The lobby area flaunts modern furniture where Kylie infused a white tone with a white sofa, fur carpet, elegant lamps and her own beautiful portraits on the wall.

Photo credit: Kylie Jenner

Creative room

All the magic at Kylie Cosmetics happens in here. The white lustrous table with plush faux fur rolling chairs promises an elegant look with comfortable seating for those long meetings. We don't mind long meetings if this is how the conference room looks like! *wink*

Photo credit: Kylie Jenner

Photo studio

The billionaire has her own photo studio at the workspace itself with a huge white backdrop and pink rope barriers around it. Now we know the secret behind Kylie's alluring pictures, it's the polished photo studio that never fails to surprise her fans with amazing photoshoots.

Photo credit: Kylie Jenner

Kitchen area

It's no secret that Kylie is obsessed with pink which is why her office is embellished with pink accents and the kitchen there is no exception. The matte millennial pink plates with pink candies look lovely. The black wooden panels and cupboards maintain the gravity of pink tones from being dominant. Photo credit: Kylie Jenner

Dining space

Since it's Kylie Cosmetics you can't expect the dining area to be a normie. The dining space has a wall featuring Kylie lip kits, adding to the charm there is a beige sofa, pink wooden chairs, and black tables with candy jars on the top.

Photo credit: Kylie Jenner

Money roses

Kylie is taking rich to a whole new level with these money flowers gifted to her by Alexander Wang on her 22nd Birthday. Placed at Kylie's personal office, these roses are a huge nod to the billionaire status of Kylie! And if you have started to feel a twinge of envy after looking at these flowers, trust you're not the only one!

Photo credit: Kylie Jenner

Glam room

The makeup mogul showed her personal glam room beautified with comfortable white couches and pink rolling chairs. The bar cart at the entrance creates a cool vibe and not to miss, the cart's look is further magnified with the 1942 bottle used in Drunk With Me video. Yes, the same bottle that got all the millennials talking about!

Photo credit: Kylie Jenner

Inspired much to transform your office into an ultra-luxurious workspace? 

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