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Ditch the boring set-up and get inspired with these chic ideas for your home office space

Wearing pyjamas in conference calls, taking impromptu hour-long walks with your puppy, and not getting shifty-eyed stares from those judgy co-workers is a lovely environment to work in. Although the real such possibilities lie in a parallel universe, there’s one more place where it all makes sense – that’s your home office. Whether it is a space designated for running a business, having meetings or organising schedule, you deserve much more than just a metal desk and that boring extra chair. And to convert your home office to a flattering and ideal one, not all of us have the time to plan a complete makeover. To help that, we’ve found a few secrets which will amp up your space in the least possible efforts and will create a home office that will actually inspire you to get to work instead of back under the covers.

More and more light!

The first rule of thumb is NEVER going for a dark place while creating your home office. Choose a room with ample natural light or try to situate your main work desk near a window which can create the illusion of a larger room so you don't feel as confined. You can also try accentuating your space with large mirror décor, it’ll reflect more light and make your space lively. Remember, you are more efficient when you feel alive!

Tip: You can choose to use the fogged window film on all the windows so that you can always have the blinds up for more light.

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Stylish storage

Perhaps you have a large printer, lots of office supplies and general paperwork that need storing. Depending on how much you have to store, the perfect stylish solution to this would be the low-level cupboards with shelving above. Or what about doubling up the home office with a library wall? This can be an extremely stylish way of storing your beloved books, magazines or even the piles of official papers. Somehow, if you’re short on wall space it may be worthwhile looking into a larger desk with ample of storage facilities within.

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Décor to keep yourself inspired

Space and its aura play a major role to keep you motivated and inspired all day long, which is why it should always be pleasing to the eye. Hang vibrant artwork around your workspace to keep you constantly inspired, play around with bold colours or catchy quotes, experiment with furniture, and even stationary. Ikea has such similar options for you.

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Add some life

Bring some life into your home office space by adding lovely plants – they not only make your workspace an oasis of calm but also cleanse the air. Be it the tiny succulents or giant plants, or the unique False Shamrock or the low-maintenance Snake Plant – they all unmistakably add a sophisticated look to your home office.

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You don’t actually need to have a huge space for a great home office – the grandeur comes with the selection of decor elements. Get into some makeover time following these suggestions and the idea of 'working from home' will sound as exciting as ever.


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