Why is everyone talking about this new restaurant Nege & Ju?


This unique and extremely pretty restaurant in Lodhi Colony is a must-visit.

Delhi food scene has never failed to impress us when it comes to getting experimental. From having a unique concept around to having a multitude of cuisine and tastes, Delhiites have plenty of options. Joining the juggernaut is the new Nege & Ju which offers a mindboggling experience that restaurant industry of India has never seen before. Nestled in the quaint neighbourhood of Lodhi, Nege & Ju is a split personality restaurant that transforms itself from day through night. A restaurant that is an upmarket and niche European bistro by the day time, turns into a chic Asian tapas bar at night. And wait, before you scratch your head already, let us tell you, Nege & Ju not just transforms its menu and cuisine but also the ambience, the tables, chair, lightings, butlers uniform and even the entrance. Should we consider this to be the craziest openings of 2020?

Photo Credit: Nege & Ju

Nege for the day!

During the day, the restaurant throws a very trendy and Bukhingam vibe with the classical music playing around and European artwork installed all over. You can see several small groups of ladies having a tete-a-tete over a cup of coffee. The artwork and mirrors on the wall make the restaurant look spacious and much breathy. Talking about food, the kitchen is helmed by Ravi Kant Shukla who claims himself to be one of the most talkative chefs in the town. His storytelling capabilities can be seen in his extremely well-designed menu which narrates the story of a restaurant and how it changes over the sunset. If you choose to go there during the day time, we would highly recommend the Truffle Bianco Pizza which comes with a mouthwatering concoction of provolone, Parmesan, mozzarella and Scamorza, and truffle oil. The lobster from their Grills section is also worth a try which comes perfectly cooked and succulent.

Photo Credit: Nege & Ju

Ju for the night!

By the night time, Ju is sexy, mysterious, dark and beautifully flirts with the food. The edgy DJ music elevates the mood, the tabletop flips over to the shiny glasses while the uniform of the butlers become friendly and vibrant. Not just the menu, but the restaurant changes its cocktail list for the dinner party to begin. The cocktails thus become tipsier and larger in size. From their Asian menu, you can start with the crunchy okra with a yuzu tofu dip and can choose to directly dive into the large plates. The Cantonese Duck Pancakes and the Avocado and Cured Papaya Carpaccio will surely make you visit the place again.

Photo Credit: Nege & Ju

Rather than we do all the talking, why don’t you reserve a table and experience the food and fun at Nege and Ju by yourselves!

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