Ophelia is a gift to the capital which should be celebrated

“Her death was doubtful, And, but that great command o’ersways the order, she should in ground unsanctified been lodged till the last trumpet.” We all have loved Ophelia secretly and have mourned her death in the famous Shakespearean play – Hamlet. Remembering her mysterious beauty there is a newcomer in the capital which will lure you and make you addictive just how Ophelia did. This Mediterranean Tapas bar and restaurant has already entered into the discussion of the affluent. Situated in the heart of the city and inside one of the most iconic hotels of Delhi, The Ashoka, Ophelia is an ode to history, resemblance to renaissance and delight to the palate. From its food to the seductive ambience, each aspect of this new restaurant will make it your next favourite destination for Sunday brunch, weekend party, or a cosy dinner. 

Photo Credit: Ophelia

Classy Ambience

As soon as you reach the entrance, you see it covered with huge trees creating a happy solitude. The outdoor area is covered with small white cabanas to sit surrounded by tall sigris, glowing orange with their warmth. The whole outdoor sitting arrangement is done to give a very Mediterranean and exotic feel where the sunlight happily strains its light from the canopy of trees above. While the cabanas are romantic and cosy, there are ample open spaces where you can gather along with friends over a sheesha or some Hamlet inspired cocktail. 

Photo Credit: Ophelia

While the outdoor is breezy and perfect for winter afternoons, inside is more opulent and Victorian. With rich velvet marron walls, you get the Shakespearean vibe all throughout. Think of high ceilings with an open atrium in the middle with crystal chandeliers dripping down. There are Elizabethan inspired portraits each one having a modern and quirky twist to it. While the interiors will give you enough option for getting a perfect picture for your social media feed, what still remains the best is their waiting room. Yes! there is no other place in Delhi which boast such a beautiful waiting room and washroom area. The ceiling is all covered with pink hue roses, which will give a sense of walking inside a garden straight out of a Shakespeare play. 

Photo Credit: Ophelia

Irresistible food

Akshay Anand, the owner of Ophelia and the man who bought Toy Room to India, made sure that he himself indulged into each dish displayed on the menu. While it celebrates European cuisine on one side, you’ll see a wide selection of Turkish on the other. Their in-house Turkish Chef who has been flown from Turkey does some amazing Mezze Platter with dips. Their duck pate is one of the finest you’ve ever eaten and the Butter Poached Prawns will simply elevate your taste standards. 

This place is definitely for the Delhi diners who look for an unmatched experience.

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