Priceless Memorabilia for History Collectors


Own a piece of history with these vintage finds from the worlds of literature, art and fashion

If preservation is your forte and marvels of the old world is what you cherish, it might be time to add some amazing new articles of historical relevance to your vintage collection. We have curated a list of awe-inspiring finds that are up for sale or open to bidding. Take a look and get hold of what catches your fancy before someone else in the world does!

Tragedy of Hamlet Prince of Denmark 1676

Photo Credits: Invaluable

If you are a literary enthusiast and a follower of Shakespeare in particular, this 1676 copy of The Tragedy of Hamlet Prince of Denmark will be an invaluable addition to your old books collection. This A Edward Newton edition is the Sixth Quarto of the Play, the first one that lists the names of the players and divides the play into various acts. The edition also marks the lines of the play that didn’t use to be read out during theatre performances of those times.

Photo Credits: Invaluable

The book on sale was printed in the nineteenth century, and the ornate cover is a delight to look at. Don’t miss the opportunity to be the owner of this important legacy of the universe of English literature.

Prized Paintings of Pablo Picasso

Le Vieux Roi by Pablo Picasso; Photo Credits: Invaluable

Dans L'Atelier by Pablo Picasso; Photo Credits: Invaluable

Art is immortal; it only changes its owners from time to time, and with the upcoming January 3rd auction at Invaluable, you have the chance to be the proud owner of the paintings of one of the last century’s most celebrated artists, Pablo Picasso.

Besides the work of Picasso, you can also place your bids on universally acclaimed artwork by artists like Jasper Johns and Keith Haring.

Coca-Cola 1936 Advertising Sign

Photo Credits: Invaluable

Coca-Cola has remained one of the most iconic and most memorably advertised products for more than a century. No amount of health warning can take away from the evocative scarlet can with a cursive white font that instantly makes you want to savour the drink.

This 1936 advertising sign is framed in glass and is in a spectacular condition. If you are a Coca-Cola lover, this nostalgia-ridden board will be the perfect adornment to your kitchen or dining room. And if you are an advertising enthusiast, this symbol of advertising excellence is a must in your workspace!

Lane, Nicholas Pocket Globe

Photo Credits: Invaluable

Google may have put the entire world on our phone screens but the charm of carrying a miniature globe in the pocket remains unmatched. This Lane, Nicholas pocket globe from 1807 is a history lover’s dream – it’s in excellent form and the slightly distressed case only adds to the allure.

Would you give in to the unsurpassed magnetism of the past and get home some living history?

P.S. All auctions and sales are on at Invaluable.

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