Qualia is all you could expect from a perfect fine-dine restaurant

Mumbaikars would know, how the legendary restaurant, Indigo created a culinary storm throughout the decades. Situated on the lanes of Gateway of India, Indigo left no stone unturned to lure patrons with its old-world charm. Its die-hard fans remember the place for the warmth and scrumptious meals. And if you are among them who miss the quaint Colaba Bungalow, which was pompously one of the first fine-dining restaurants in Mumbai, let us make you meet the makers of Indigo, but this time in a new avatar with Rahul Akerkar’s dazzling fine-dine restaurant named Qualia.

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Akerkar’s spanking 100-seater restaurant gives a chic and very up-scale vibe. As soon as you enter the all-glass frontage, you will see the sunlight streaming in and falling over the pile of 600 jars of fermenting produces from across the country. Yes! Qualia has a pinch of pickling on everything which remains as its major USP.  The cuisine of the restaurant is majorly dominated by Italian and Spanish influence with a tweak Maharashtrian, Gujarati and Keralite cuisine falling here and there. The amalgamation of international and Indian comes from the family roots of Akerkar. 

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Remaining true to its name, the restaurant resonates quality of sensory experience. Each and every dish created by the mastermind Akerkar bursts with freshness and Genuity. Each dish reflects a mood and just like five senses, each masterpiece comes with its own set of senses. To start with, yellowfin tuna loin with a curry leaf and sesame rub, avocado pachadi and pickled beets will come to you as art like the chef has specially painted for you. The flavour has a perfect balance of sweet and sour, and why not! Afterall Akerkar has beautifully mastered his newfound penchant, pickling. While dining at Qualia, don’t forget to try out bright yellow gazpacho made from tart yellow tomatoes studded with honeydew melon and cantaloupe. There’s also the delicately sliced and plated kohlrabi carpaccio featuring gossamer-thin kohlrabi with tomato preserve, pickled mustard seeds, South Indian capers and roasted hazelnuts which adds crunch to the dish.

Photo credit: CN Traveller

Photo credit: CN Traveller

The entire space of the restaurant has been conceptualized and designed by architect Kapil Gupta. The plush plum leather seating, wooden shelves, and the metal chain curtains throw an elegant feel where you would not mind to stick a bit longer. If Qualia is a stage for Akerkar, then we must say he has performed his act quite marvelously. 

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