A glitterati island you must seek out for a perfect blend of luxury and adventure

Picture this! An island with stunning beaches and white sand; crystal-clear waters; natural beauty of dramatic hilltops and Mick Jagger, Bryan Adams, and Tommy Hilfiger owning their private villas. There are no rules on Mustique, no protocols or expectations, an island which is the exclusive playground for the uberaffluent. One of the Caribbean’s best-kept secrets, 1,400-acre Mustique Island has drawn glitterati for decades.

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So what exactly is the Mustique mystery? A chic escape for celebrities, royals and stylish jet-setters alike, here’s what to know about the luxurious hideaway in the tropical setting.

Experience your private villa and a personal chef!

It’s your go to place for complete serenity and calm from the comfort of your own private accommodation. 75 glamorous villas are spread out across the island that can be rented out by holiday-goers. Ranging from 2 to 10 bedrooms, each villa boasts of every thinkable amenity and convenience and comes with a staff of at least three, including a private chef. Isn’t it fascinating enough? Here, at the bejewelled playground of Mustique, you can indulge in the lavish lifestyle you have always dreamt of. Check out for the famous ones like Hummingbird, Les Jolies Eaux and Toucan Villa.

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Photo credits: Mustique Island

Oh! The nightlife

For those with a penchant to rub shoulders with magazine cover models, fashion designers, Grammy winners, or glamorous globetrotters, the Tuesday night all-island cocktail party at The Cotton House, Mustique ensures an opportunity to imbibe in the company of famous new friends. Mix and mingle over cocktails and you may even be able to score an invite to a private house party, a popular nightlife option among the younger set. Basil’s Bar is the place you’ll find live music nearly every night of the week, including a jazz band that performs Sunday evening.

Photo credits: Mustique Island

Photo credits: Mustique Island

A tucked away wonder

If you are thinking it is difficult to reach this private destination, then that is not the case at all. You just need to book with their preferred international carrier making stops in either Barbados or St. Lucia. From either of the international airports on those islands, the Mustique Company will provide private air shuttle to their idyllic island location. This Caribbean paradise founded by the British aristocrat Colin Tennant is a tucked away wonder and a secret worth keeping.

Photo credits: Go Nomad

Photo credits: Mustique Island

Mustique is the ultimate indulgence and a rarity in the world of luxury travel. The remote island, with its overall ambience of joie de vivre and laid-back elegance, can be your ultimate antidote for stress.

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