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Mustard-tone décor to marry the spirit of summer with the comfort of fall

While actual mustard may be a tad hard to swallow, mustard accents for your home can do wonders. Giving your home an instant facelift, this earthy shade of yellow is perfect to add that much required zing to your home, while it may be a challenging shade for some, its aesthetics can easily be mastered if we are mindful of a few things. So lay your fears to rest as we bring delightful ways to slather on the mustard. Thank us later!

A Splash of Mustard for the Walls

Make a statement by painting your favourite wall in one of the many stunning mustard hues, be it the living room or the foyer, a touch of this colour instantly brightens up any space. Reminiscent of the ‘70s, this shade has a much more fresh and modern appeal especially when paired with minimal furniture. We absolutely love how this shade perfectly compliments almost every other colour in the spectrum ranging from deep teal and faint lavender to rich burgundy.

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Enliven your Kitchen

Mustard can make for warm interiors and spending time in the kitchen can be a delight especially if a subtle hint of mustard (not in your food literally!) is used to infuse a cheerful vibe in your space. Being a tricky area to colour plan, this hue can be easily used to amp up or tone down the kitchen, the trick is trying not to go overboard with the hue – one can use a mustard coloured cabinet to bring a sunny focal point to an all-white cooking space or with a brilliant tile backsplash this hue can also be used to create that much sought after dramatic touch.

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Furniture in Shades of Mustard

As bold as it may sound, mustard is a great colour for furniture! Renewing a corner of your room with mustard yellow is a brilliant idea as this versatile shade works especially well with mid-century furniture, where even smaller pieces can pack a punch without overpowering the space. You can go bold by swapping basic furniture for a render in mustard or opt for that statement piece that spells luxurious without being too over-the-top. Be it swivel chairs to create a home library or a chest of drawers to enliven the bedroom, this hue never fails to rise to the occasion!

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A Sprinkle of Mustard Accents

For the ones who are still not ready to commit to this colour trend, we recommend starting simple by adding mustard hued pillows or cushions or a printed upholstered headboard. Other great décor options like embellished lamp or a simple art piece on the wall also work pretty well for softer revamps. While an all-white colour palette creates a clean backdrop to make your yellow decor accents pop, other contrasting shades like fuchsia and grey can make a statement as well. In fact, there is no end to the magic that one can create by using this versatile shade as accents, think curtains, rugs, table ware, glass ware, cushions, and throws – the list is endless!

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This favourite summer hue maybe a rarity in modern décor but these ingenious ideas inspire to surround ourselves with this delightful shade. Moreover, its gentle vividness will complement your monsoon mood as well.

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