Because you don’t want a bloating tummy after the festive fever is gone.

Diwali is that time of the year when keeping yourself away from the ‘Mithais’ seems to be a tedious battle. No matter how particular we are towards our diet, we always tend to melt away in front of those heap of Laddoos and the stack of Barfis. But what if you could have it all without the fear of putting on weight? This Diwali it’s time for a guilt-free indulgence with the healthiest of Indian sweets and scrumptious of all. Here are five gourmet Indian sweet brands who have taken the ‘Besan ka Laddoo’ and ‘Kaju Katli’ a notch higher. These brands master the art of blending Indian tradition with international flavours and because of their innovative and healthy offerings, they have served the big fat Indian weddings like Akash Ambani, Priyanka Chopra, and Deepika Padukone.

Gur Chini                                                                                                 

Recently talked about for serving their offerings at Ambani’s wedding, Gur Chini has placed itself as one of the best luxury ‘Mithai’ brands. The uniqueness lies in using healthier sugar in all their offerings. Although they have two of their permanent stores in Delhi, they mark their presence all over India and abroad. When it comes to replacing sugar, they use jaggery, stevia, dates like Medjool, top quality honey and Nolen which is date jaggery. Some of our favourites here are pistachio paan, Bavarian chocolate barfi, and South American almond tacos. Most importantly, they all are guilt-free so indulging in gluttony is absolutely fine. 

Photo Credit: Gur Chini


The brainchild of chef duo Ashay Dhopatkar and Neha Lakhani, Arq believes in traditional sweet dishes of India and avoids using any artificial additives. Their luxurious packaging makes for a perfect Diwali gift. Whether you want to send them to your family or friends or want to buy it for yourself, Arq can be an ideal Diwali ‘Mithai’ destination. Try out their Gold-Dusted Pedas, Besan Truffle, Caramel Pedha, and Malterine Marmalade; we are sure you will come back again for more. 

Photo Credit: Arq


The makers of Social and Smokehouse have introduced ‘Khoya’ for the sweet dwellers who don’t want to compromise with their health. At ‘Khoya’ you will see a tweaked version of ancient Indian sweets with a very thoughtful French packaging. But just don’t get hooked to the boxes – the sweets inside can be a perfect host for any celebration. Dig into pink Motichoor Laddoo, Paan Peda, Jammu Chocolate, and Pista Longe. Currently, they have two stores in Delhi, serving the mouth-melting delicacies. 

Photo Credit: Khoya


Newest in the market, they started with a home kitchen in Gurgaon. Today, they are known for their high-end unique collections of Indian sweets. The brand likes to play around with flavours and experiments a lot. Some of the best results are Ghia barfi, raspberry Motichoor, and matcha fudge. And yes, they have a beautiful assortment of sugar-free sweets. 

Photo Credit: Berfila


How would you define a millennial luxury ‘Mithai’? Maybe some Liquor Laddoo, or Cheesecake Barfi. At Nihira, you get all the traditional Indian sweets with a contemporary and young twist. You can’t give Nihira’s menu a miss, with so much on its platter, you’ll end up into a little extra indulgence *wink*. And that’s okay because they promise to use only organic ingredients while keeping the nutritional value high. You can get them in Gurgaon. 

Photo Credit: Nihira

This Diwali, treat your loved ones and of course yourself with the luxury of unique Indian sweets.

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