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Make your guests happy with these fresh ideas and fabulous finds

Summer months are beckoning and this means you may have relatives visiting for the holidays. Making space and cleaning up the house is on the cards, but dressing up the guest room to make it nice, cozy and stylish can completely turn around your host game. First impressions matter, which is exactly why while you spread the linen and air the guest room, you must also ensure there’s enough room for movement and plenty of functionality around for the guest to feel at home. Here are a few ideas to get a guest room makeover done 

Bedroom essentials | A pleasant night’s sleep after a long journey is most important for the guest. Dust and puff the mattress well. An air mattress would be nice and comfy, with simple cotton linens neatly spread. Keep some extra linen in the wardrobe, just in case. Don’t forget the use of extra pillows, blankets and decorative cushions to spruce up the ambience. Add a side table to place the cell phone, alarm clock and other essentials.


Bathroom needs | The bathroom should have enough of clean cotton towels. A basket of essential toiletries should be on the checklist. A quick one would include: soaps and shampoos, toothpaste, pain relievers, toilet paper and feminine products as well.


Plants for comfort | A little bit of nature in and around the guestroom does up the ante in interior décor. Small potted plants, bonsais, and floral hues across the room light up the energy and make the guests feel more at home. A couple of hanging morning glories, mini date palms or money plants around the room would be enough to infuse more serenity. You may also choose to have fresh flowers placed in glass vases and aptly put across the room!

Let there be light | The room should be airy and bright during the day, and dim and relaxing in the evenings. Apt lighting fixtures to set the mood are a must-have. Install dim focus lights for reading at night, and a tube or two for other needs. Open the windows during the day for the natural light to pour in.


Go the extra mile | Sometimes guests may stay for a very long time, and this is when you have to consider bringing out that extra hospitality and the best treatment to provide. Special items should be placed on the ottoman or the dressing table, just in case of emergencies or if you aren’t around to help. Keep your telephone book with important numbers in them, along with emergency contacts, on the side-table drawer. Wi-fi access codes for them to use the internet when you aren’t around, local magazines and brochures, guidebooks and for the kids; toys and games or activity tools to keep them entertained.

Now go ahead and welcome your loved ones with open arms!

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