5 Times Bollywood Celebrities Made ‘Boring Basics’ Look Cool!

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Your boring basics are getting a spiffy spin with these celeb-inspired outfit choices

We accept it is the new year and with that comes new beginnings, impending resolutions and some natural motivation to be positive. And we get it, while it is extremely important to count your blessings and start the new year with passion and fervour, there are some things that are better off kept as they are. We are talking about the season’s ‘basics’, to make it sound more coherent-  it is time to revive the same old jeans and t-shirt that sometimes can come across as comfort clothing. Well, guess what? These outfits have taken a new form in 2020 and are beautifully devoured by every celebrity. From uber cool denim jackets to plain-jane khaki trousers, here are five times our Bollywood celebrity brigade made them look stylishly superior.

Priyanka Chopra- White Blouse

Who said white blouse is passe? Priyanka Chopra turned this phrase on its head and sported a beautiful white billowy blouse that can be a great accompaniment on rugged jeans as well as feminine skirts. Since white is considered to be a neutral colour, it can easily transition from day to night and can be versatile enough to be layered with your outerwear.

Photo Credit: Star Style

Deepika Padukone- Baggy Jeans

We can’t wait to see Dippy spell magic in her upcoming movie-Chhapaak, but for now, we are in love with her many promotional looks. Star points to celebrity stylist Shaleena Nathani for looking after Deepika’s wardrobe. The t-shirt is truly a winner but it is the baggy jeans we gravitate the most towards! After all, we all need those comfy jeans to tuck our post-holiday love!

Photo Credit: Deepika Padukone

Bhumi Pednekar- Khaki Trousers

Once worn by working professionals, the khaki straight cut trousers have since been upgraded to a brand new style, which is not only comfy but quite versatile. This is one item that can never go out of style and balances casual cool with slick elegance. While Bhumi has given it her own quirky twist by pairing it with a corset bustier, you can wear it with a tee or even a shirt, depending upon the occasion.

Photo Credit: Bhumi Pednekar

Kareena Kapoor- Denim Jacket

While our eyes are veering towards the see-through turtle-neck, it is the oversized jean jacket that has all out attention. Sometimes simplicity and comfort win over twisted avant-garde outfits and that is what the denim jacket is all about! Throw it casually over a tee and it instantly makes you look cool, or an edgy top like this to cover yourself from the winter chills. It works both ways!

Photo Credit: Kareena Kapoor

Ananya Panday- Oversized Sweatshirt

Ananya Panday maybe in the news for all the wrong reasons (the Siddhant Chaturvedi- actor’s roundtable controversy) but when it comes to dressing cute, the young actress always manages to style herself to the T and this outfit was no different. Airport looks or impromptu brunch with friends, this oversized hoodie and the hot pants combo will be all you’ll need to look stylish. You can alternate between sliders or sneakers depending on the season and occasion.

Photo Credit: ABP Live

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