From creamy cheese platters to fresh vegan produce, these delicious platters are big on Instagram right now

How many times have you salivated on the gorgeous Instagram pictures that crop up on your feed every minute? Or maybe stopped your friend from digging into that decadent dessert before you took a picture of it? You do relate, right? It is true, food styling is a thing and what can be better than social media to broadcast it! While 2018 was all about gut-friendly food and going meat-free, this year, it is all about the amalgamation of macro and micro food trends, served along with a great stroke of creativity that makes every food look photogenic. Here are some food trends that are not only Instagram-friendly but also taste so damn good! Take a peek...

Smoothie Bowl

Having gained popularity in 2015, a smoothie bowl is an addition of all the fruity goodness. Often served in a semi-liquid form, smoothie bowls are a hybrid between a smoothie and a fruit/veggie salad platter. It is said to be easily digestible, highly nutritious and is very Instagrammable! What's more, it is easily customisable, is versatile enough to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner too.

Photo credits: Food of Mumbai

Cheese Platters

You no longer have to go to Europe to get a taste of a cheese platter. All you have to do is, gather some cheese and serve it along with some fruits in the platter. Plus, this serves as a great inspiration especially if you are looking to cook up some creative dishes for a house party to visually and tastefully impress your guests. Definitely, a great food trend to light up your Instagram feed!

Photo credits: Berry and the boards

Vegan Food

The after-effects of the Amazon rainforest fire have been lethal, so much so that even top New York restauranteur, Eddie Huang urged to go vegan, as a step towards saving the environment. Expect to see a lot of fresh ingredients and a farm-to-table concept in every restaurant. Veganism is the hottest food trend with an ethical stance, and we are sure it is going to trend on Instagram and otherwise for a long time.

Photo credits: Vegan Richa


According to Globe News Wire, " The (Kombucha) market is likely to expand at a double-digit growth rate by 2025." This says a lot about the Kombucha food trend that was once restricted to the health food store. The fermented drink combines brewed tea, sugar and a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. Talk about artisanal drinks, Kombucha surely will top the list.

Photo credits: Rose Kombucha

Citrus-Infused Dessert

Citrus infused food is no longer just restricted to lemon pie or cakes, it has swiftly graduated to the mainstream dessert sphere, where it is used as an ingredient to intensify the taste of a dessert. Think about orange peel tiramisu and grapefruit meringue. It would also help to add a pop of colour to your Instagram feed and make it extremely desirable.

Photo credits: Shivesh

So what's your favourite Instagrammable food trend for the year?

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