From acid washes to cute paperbag styles, it’s a roaring revival of the 80s

It’s time to stash away your skinny jeans and make room for their more relaxed cousins. Baggier, straighter, and slouchier denimsstarted making their presence felt in 2018 and continue to grow in appeal.Balmain’s latest Fall collection 2019 is a fine demonstration of everything denim is going to be in the coming months. So take a quick look and start revamping your closet.

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Subtle acid wash | Acid washes are back – and in a pleasantly refined form. They’re subtler than what they used to be in their previous era. The cuffed overall acid-washed jeans in charcoal grey on the right are a template to follow for denim purchases of the year.

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Paperbag styles | After skirts, shorts and linen trousers, it’s now the turn of denim pants to be smitten by this adorable waist style. Wear them with a baker boy hat and you’ll say ‘awww’ every time you look in the mirror. Avoid cuffing them up though unless you’re unusually tall.

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Dungarees and studding | These looks are all so rock ‘n’ roll. If you’re an 80s kid, give in to the nostalgia by getting in a little studding on your denim jacket, or a relaxed full-length pair of dungarees like the one on the right.

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Rips on a roomy white jean | Skinny white jeans may not have been for everybody – but these baggy ones are. Wear them in a monotone ensemble in slightly differing shades of white or with a contrasting blouse or sweater.

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Feather trims | If we had only one thing to remember from the current sartorial times, it would undoubtedly be feathers – they’re everywhere from dresses to skirt-suits to sarees – and now even on denim. The Balmain denim mini-dress with a feather hem is all love.

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Tailored blouses and blazers | And here’s denim getting dressier – with the pussy-bow blouse and the blazer with a perfectly defined waist. The hint of acid wash on the blouse reinstates the arrival of the trend.

What do you say to this new 80s-90s wave of denims? If you had to pick only one from the above styles, which one would it be?

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