Inspired by an abandoned country house and its wildly growing lichens

It’s an eyegasm of sorts to see artistic ethnic handiwork making the base for classical western outfits that could belong in chic high streets and sophisticated boardrooms. Rahul Mishra has accomplished the feat through his Fall ’19 collection that was showcased in Paris Fashion Week (his 10th season in there) and then again in the finale of Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week A/W’19.

Let’s see what makes the collection so special in our sartorial records.

Photo credits: WWD

The gorgeous details on the fabrics of coats and blazers | The intricate patterns on the pieces are inspired by the designer’s incidental visit to his childhood home in the village – its barren bricks and the lichens that grew on them – unassisted and unstoppable. The execution of the vision is indeed par excellence. We also love the burst of subtle coral shades amidst the sea of gray.

Photo credits: WWD

Hand-woven checks | Rahul Mishra takes sustainability to a whole new level by making sure all his textiles are sourced from India and all the handiwork happens not just within the country but in the home towns of the workers – these beautiful hand-woven checks are a result of just that thoughtfulness. The richness of the handiwork and the timelessness of the styles make these the ideal pieces to invest in.

Photo credits: WWD

Dresses on wide-leg trousers | The dress-on-trousers trend we predicted is going strong. And Rahul Mishra’s version of it is both modern and ethnic-inspired. A look we’d certainly like to sport for relaxed evening events.

Photo credits: WWD

Delicate yet wearable evening dresses | These sheer dresses lined with intricately embroidered fabric underneath are a work of brilliance. They are ornate yet easy-to-wear – not an easily achieved combination. We’d say, one of these should definitely make it to your festive wardrobe next winter.

This collection is one for the keeps – an exemplary demonstration of fusion wear that will continue to look relevant for a long time. And with this, Rahul Mishra undoubtedly makes it to our list of the best Indian couturiers.

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