Must-try eyeshadow trend for a refreshing and vibrant look this season

​​​​​​As soon as SS19 hit the runway, rainbow colours took us by a revolutionary storm, be it the palette of boiler suits or the electrifying eye makeup on the models but the one that has made to our list is the refreshing rainbow-hued eyeshadow trend - ranging from natural to romantic to chic to dramatic eyes – this trend has a plenty of endearing looks for each one of us. However, with any bold trend comes the hesitation to pull it off without having to face a faux-pas, but with the right shade and application, this trend can be surprisingly refreshing. To put you in an absolute spring state of mind, here we run down the most embraceable looks celebrated by the celebs and beauty oracles, let’s have a look.

Photo credits:  Bella Hadid (L); Anna Dyuryagina (R)

Photo credits: Katie Jane Hughes

Photo credits: Fashionisers

Photo credits: Gigi Hadid

Photo credits: Who What Wear

Photo credits: Selena Gomez

Photo credits: Kylie Jenner (L); Hung Vango (R)

Photo credits: Lady Gaga, Rue Now

Photo credits: Zoe Report (L); Namvo (R)

If your soul is anything but subtle then go literally multi-chromatic with M.A.C. Art Library palette. After all, beautifully done rainbow-dusted eyes are peculiarly satisfying and perfect for those tap-worthy Instagrammable pictures.                 

Photo credits: M.A.C

Ladies, it’s time you bring out those flowy silhouettes and strappy sandals to champion this trend! We’d love to know which hue took your fancy?  

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