Wardrobe staples for a timeless decade of fashion

While your 20s are largely for experimenting, your 30s are for the confident you. A time to refine your choices, take stock and invest in yourself. Graduating from pub crawl to cocktail hour is not the only change, for you are truly an adult slaying the tax game and whipping up healthy meals for wholesome living.

Your sartorial choices need to speak to the new you. Stocking your wardrobe with stellar staples and quirky accents makes for a fulfilling wardrobe, to ensure you’re on point for any occasion:

Retire that backpack for a sophisticated carry all or a sleek new suitcase. Think enduring classics that will last a lifetime. Not ready to let go of your boho alter ego? Upgrade with a leather duffel bag. These essentials should also translate to business casual, preparing you to put your best foot forward.

A complete wardrobe requires heels, flats, sneakers and boots for travel. Do not skimp with this all important accessory, it can affect your posture and wellbeing. This means going beyond labels and brands and doing real research. Does the heel offer arc support? What do customer reviews say about wear and tear? Do you need a special size and if so, who stocks them? Think long-term and stock your wardrobe with staples to help you kick-back in style and comfort.

Invest in a couple of diverse pieces: a clutch, tote and leather bag. This is the time to showcase your personality by investing in pieces that you will cherish. A classic clutch can get you black-tie glamorous in no time, while a tote is a must for those quick getaways to the beach or park. No more last minute scrambles for a holdall: anticipate your needs and buy today!

A watch, basic jewelry, sunglasses and a scarf should be part of your wardrobe. Buy a pair of gold hoop earrings that go with everything. Ditch those ratty sunglasses bought on a whim for a brand that truly alleviates the effects of UV light. Think classic and you cannot go wrong!

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