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Here’s everything you should know before throwing the best rooftop party in town

With the sun raging over our heads, we’re constantly checking the weekly forecast for that one cool day to let our hair down. Our souls yearn for a rooftop gathering on a balmy summer evening, over plenty of cool refreshing drinks, scrumptious food, good music, and friends for company. If you have been daydreaming about the same, and look forward to throwing a terrace party on a pleasant summer day, here are five things to keep in mind


The tableware | Paper plates, flimsy napkins and plastic cutlery is bound to get blown away by the slightest of winds. We suggest you serve foods and drinks in dinnerware made of china or melamine. They are sturdier and don’t allow the pesky winds to play havoc. Spruce up the table setting with matching holders for cloth napkins and there would be no more vanishing acts to be bothered about.

The beverages | Chilled beers to refreshing cocktails and mocktails, we love them cool, don’t we? Buy or borrow an insulated cooler (or multiple ice buckets). Place the beverage bottles in it and as the party picks ups serve your guests their choice of drinks, chilled!


The lighting | Since it is a rooftop party the lighting should be inviting, warm and cozy. Try a mix of string lights, some simple lamps and scented candles for an evening affair. While for a day party, with natural sunlight, you could place some potted plants on the roof, set a large shamiana to keep the heat at bay and add a few ethnic hanging accents for a vintage touch.

The seating | No plain old chairs dragged from the living space to seat the attendees please. Instead try rustic-looking wicker poufs, foldable beach and camping chairs, waterproof blankets and floor cushions in bright colors. Low seated coffee tables could double up as dinner zones or can be placed near the seats for easy access.


The menu | Vibrant cocktails, refreshing mocktails, chilled desserts and quirky stations from where one could pick their bites should be the norm for rooftop gatherings. Decide on the finger food, gourmet spreads and fast bites that you’d like to serve. Get creative presenting the dishes and watch the compliments pour in.

Go ahead and be the host your friends rave and rant about this summer

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