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Fairy lights, wicker furniture, silk cushions, lanterns set the mood for the festive season outdoors | Get your garden ready for the party

Your garden area is the ideal space to use during the winter and festive season, whether you plan to soak up some sun during the afternoon or host a get-together in the evening. There is so much one can do by bringing together the right kind of lighting and decor, transforming your garden area into your very own haven. Here are a few things you might want to consider to start prepping up your garden/backyard this season |



If you want to feel comfortable sitting in your garden for hours together, you should definitely think about adding specific outdoor furniture. Use the right kind of materials like plastic, wicker, metal or wood to withstand the weather but also keep in mind its maintenance. Choosing furniture such as small side-tables, stools, chairs, benches or even an outdoor swing will begin to make your garden another living space altogether.


You could add a fire pit which will make you want to cosy up.



The right lighting helps in setting the mood. Depending on your style, you can play with different type of fixtures. Even if you are low on budget, there are plenty of easy ways to use lighting effectively. Whether it is outdoor lamps, wall sconces, fairy lights or candles, these will all add character and warmth. You could also add a fireplace/fire pit which will make you want to cosy up.


Decor pieces

Choosing the decor for your garden is one of the simplest ways to bring your style together. The key is not to go overboard. Try playing with scaling, such as adding a huge mirror in the backdrop but going minimal with what you choose to place on the table. With the festive season beginning, bring more colors and textures through pillow covers, centerpieces, planters, platters and display items.

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