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Let’s pledge that we all give some time to meditation and discover our new self!

Almost all of us are living an extremely fast-paced life running on a never-ending loop with super tight deadlines at work, long hours in the traffic, and a desire to achieve more. While some of us introspect and try striking a balance, many of us don’t even have the time to sit and think about it. For our latter category of pals, while numerous options are available to de-stress, there is one magical gift which has been much talked about and practised since ages and till date is one of the best ways to relax your mind and body – ‘Meditation’. Owing to the growing stress, meditation culture is also spreading more and more. Where people used to go to the meditation centres for hourly sessions, now many of us are making special arrangements for meditating at home. Yes, a meditation room now holds an equal significance while you plan the decor for the rest of your home. A peaceful corner in your home can be the much-needed escape from all the hustle-bustle after a hectic day. And to help you design this place in your home, let us see some simple yet beautiful meditation room ideas.

Keep it earthy

Meditation is all about relaxing your mind, body, and soul. No wonder it has become a crucial part of many lives. While designing your own meditation space at home, try infusing earthy tones. Opt for wooden flooring which looks great and adds a zen vibe. Incorporating neutral tones by using wooden decorative elements can easily make the ambience more soothing. 

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Bohemian love

Create a free-spirited meditation corner by putting together various Bohemian elements. The bohemian decor in itself has a meditative vibe which makes our task a lot simpler. A few quick things to do here are: lay down some tribal prints, hang a dream-catcher, or place a few knitted pillows and you will start feeling the calming vibe already. For homes with small meditation areas, Bohemian decor works the best. 

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In between nature

In earlier days meditation was meant to be practised outdoors in the lap of nature, under the sunlight, in between the lush greenery and with the sound of chirping birds. Today, it is not necessary that you go out and look for such a place rather you can create one in your home. Be it your terrace, balcony or backyard, create a small meditation corner with some printed mats or cushions, scented candles, dreamy textures, and vintage pieces of decor. Here, the statue of Buddha is a perfect muse to start your day or even end it with a dose of meditation. 

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Light it right

While designing your meditation room, one of the most important aspects is the 'lighting' in that area. There should be ample light entering the room to help create a perfect aura to meditate. Try having big windows in your meditation room or you may also create a nicely lit-up corner by placing a few lanterns and candles. You may choose to keep the lighting dim or bright according to your mood. 

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Away from technology

The use of technology in and around the area of meditation is a big no! While designing your meditation room, make sure your television, music player or any other tech gadget is not even close. Afterall, meditation is all about getting away from these routine distractions.

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What's stopping you to plan a family meditation routine?

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