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Get inspired by the healthiest countries of the world

Spain recently got labeled as the world’s healthiest country, closely followed by Italy. And these results are no co-incidence – the rich culinary culture, sense of bonhomie and an inherent inclination towards relishing life are all equal contributors.

In India, especially in metro cities, life is a hustle to be aced and fitness a number  to be accomplished inside the sterile environs of a gym - the paradigm of the Mediterranean differs vastly. It's a lot more relaxed and rhythmic out there - and well, nobody goes to the gym.

If you find that interesting, here is how you get some of the jolly Mediterranean vibe into your life.

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Treat yourself to delicious (and perfectly healthy) Mediterranean food | In your next grocery shopping list, add fish, legumes, yogurt, nuts, extra-virgin olive oil, lots of vegetables and as many fruits as you can think of. In Southern Europe, every meal comprises plenty of vegetables and is followed by a big serving of fruits in place of dessert. It’s this fantastic diet full of Vitamin-C, good fats and anti-oxidants that gives them their characteristic good skin besides adding years to life.

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Dress up every day | Were we to conduct a survey on the best dressed nations, these two would again be the unmistakable winners of it. Both Spaniards and Italians dress incredibly well: whether it’s a mother taking her children to the park or an old lady walking on the street in a tailored skirt-suit, everybody at all times looks impeccable. And they achieve this not by elaborate makeup but a naturally glowing complexion, awesome haircuts and a splendid taste in clothes.

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Walk everywhere | Spanish and Italian cities are known for their walkability. People walk to the markets, to the cafes to socialize with their friends, and many a time even to their workplaces. With so much natural movement during their day, they need no gym memberships to keep their weight in check. While our cities may not allow for the same, a few flights of stairs and the plain old tactic of parking your car slightly far from the destination go a long way.

Slow down, tune in to the natural rhythm of life | Both these countries follow the paradigm of living to work, and not the reverse of it. They take their time to savour every meal, spend a good deal of time socializing and are seldom rushed in life – no wonder they’re home to the sweet little philosophies of sobre mesa (an idle dining table chat for an hour or two after finishing the meal) and dolce far niente (the joy of doing nothing).

So here is your health mantra in short: put on a beautiful dress, invite your closest friends over, set out a table on the terrace and feast on some freshly baked bread with a generous serving of extra-virgin olive oil and a glass of red wine. Do remember the sobre mesa ritual afterwards.


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