Aristocratic charm and meticulous detailing for the inherently Hermès woman

Steeped in luxury and classical details, Hermès Pre-Fall 2019 is a delight for the wearer as well as the onlooker. The collection is quintessentially Hermès in its adherence to an aristocratic aura, and introduces a number of surprising elements at the same time. Here goes a quick edit of our favourite looks.

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Spellbinding outerwear | A spectacular specimen of Hermes’ equestrian legacy, these coats are totally deserving of the numero uno spot in next autumn’s wardrobe. In addition to the classically tailored and leather-trimmed pieces, the collection has a few terrific teddy bear coats – and gives a strong indication that Fall 18’s adorable trend is not leaving us yet.

Photo credits: WWD

A deluge of leather | While you tap into the leather trend from this year’s spring collections, make some mind space for more leather to come in autumn. The short-sleeved white leather dress (centre) is absolutely remarkable in its stitches, paneling and the unmatched subtle gloss.

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Immaculately tailored dresses | The deep red dress with a front zip and leather trims is just what you need for a very special event on a winter afternoon. Classical and head-turning at once, this one surely packs the punch.

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Riding boots with rubber soles | A rather surprising, nevertheless  pleasant, twist – Hermès Pre-Fall boots look like they are going to be as high on comfort as they clearly are on style. Brown, tan or black – pick your favourite neutral.

Photo credits: WWD

Denim boots | Looks like all of Hermès’ surprises lie in the boots this Pre-Fall. How excited are we to see knee-highs in denim! In here, the models wear a monochromatic look by teaming the boots with jeans in similar shades – a clever length-enhancing trick indeed. We reckon the boots will look equally fabulous with a black leather miniskirt (also part of Hermès Pre-Fall 2019).

The Hermes woman knows what it means to be enveloped in luxury. From her tastes reflects a long legacy of immaculate dressing. Most of all, she discerns the tiniest of details that go into making a fabulous picture. Are you a Hermes woman?

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