Oodles of wearability. Plenty of glamour

Victoria Beckham’s Pre-Fall collection is emblematic of what she does best: create fabulously practical pieces with just the right degree of flair to appeal to a real woman of the real world. And like every other time, what makes it special is the simplicity, ease of accommodation in just about any wardrobe and the effortless elegance. Let’s dive into a few noteworthy details.

Hassle-free workwear pieces that you won’t need an outfit plan for No matter how eclectic be your style, you cannot deny being in love with a pair of neutral pants, a white blouse, a few elegant dresses and a denim skirt that rocks the show with just about any t-shirt in your closet – basically, the clothes you can pull out and put on without having to plan your outfit one night before. Victoria Beckham gives you plenty of these.

Photo credits: WWD

Photo credits: WWD

Midi dresses | Three perfect dresses to invest in – you can wear them in numerous accessories and shoes combinations. But when you want to think of none of that, simply go minimalistic with a pair of pumps, no jewelry, a satchel bag, and you’ll look perfectly put-together.

Timeless trousers | Sartorial trends may continue to oscillate between an ultra-wide leg and an ultra-slim one, but these straight leg tailored trousers retain their cushy position no matter where the pant-pendulum is. The ankle-slit in the khaki one is very flattering, particularly to petite women. And we love the burnt orange one – because, well, it’s burnt orange – and how well the color looks next to fuschia pumps.

Photo credits: WWD

Sleepwear inspiration yet again | We’ve been observing a good deal of sleepleisure of late. It has made its way from Spring’19 into Pre-Fall’19, only getting more prominent with time. The black lace camisole is slinky enough to make you feel in place in a chic bar yet practical enough to be easily taken to the streets without second thoughts; we give a thumbs up to the pajama-like stripes of the white jumpsuit just the same.

Photo credits: WWD

Big knits | One can never get enough of cosy knits. When they come in designs that can easily be coupled with more dressy pieces like a leather skirt and skinny snakeskin pants, they become the wardrobe go-to for just about any day.

Photo credits: WWD

The shoe and bag focus | Mrs. Beckham has let her own love of shoes and bags reflect in her Pre-Fall 2019 collection. The chain bag on the right is an absolute stunner for its rich colours, elegance and functionality – if you have to spend next autumn with just one handbag, it got to be this one (not that we are asking you to content with just one!).

And we wrap up with those rather offbeat open-toe burgundy boots and leave it open for you to form an opinion. Do you find them relatable? Does this look like a pair of statement shoes that will invariably make you happy each time you slip into them?

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