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Keep it simple | Pick one bold chunky piece | A ring, neck piece or layers of bangles and build your look around it

Whether you are going for the minimal festive style or you want to adorn the metallic bling, jewellery is the perfect way to add that extra hint of glamour. Picking up the right trinket is a daunting task, but fret not, we are here to help you. Have a look at these three trends that should be a must-have in your vanity closet 


The bigger the bolder

If the recent fashion week is anything to go by, a bold statement piece is all you need to elevate your outfit. What better way to make an entrance at a party than wearing a flamboyant necklace or a pair of rhinestone earrings. The rule here is to wear one extravagant piece at a time. Do not load up on all the pieces (there is a reason it is called statement!). FYI: Metallic disc earrings are huge this season.


Vintage asset

What better reason to flaunt your mother’s jewellery. Two reasons - you don’t have to spend a bomb on buying brand new baubles and a vintage piece adds character to your outfit. It will also make for a great conversation starter among your girlfriends (how your grandfather gifted that ring on his 25th anniversary). For starters pick a beautiful pearl necklace, a brooch will be a sweet addition, and vintage rings are all the rage this season (Hello Gucci!).


“Wear light statement pieces that catch the eye.”


Fringe on fire

If you are an ardent follower of sartorial trends, we don’t need to remind you that fringes are still huge this season. If you are feeling adventurous, you can experiment with leather tassels (a creative DIY never hurt anyone). For more classic options, go for delicate chains hanging by an ear cuff or gold chains in your bracelet. You can also look at a layered fringed neckpiece to make a tribal chic statement.


We talked to Siddharth Jain of Silverline jewellery on his three picks for the festive season. He suggests going for ‘light statement pieces’ this festive season. “They look great for the evening. They are copies of old pieces and look perfect with Indian wear at any Diwali party. During this festive season one wants to wear light statement bold pieces that catch the eye,” he says.

A gold-plated 18karat silver piece, a gold-plated cuff and multi-strobe silver necklace are among his top 3 festive picks (And all of these under 15k each!)

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