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Make a statement with dainty jewellery this festive season that looks minimal but speaks volumes

We are staunch believers of less is always more. Moving away from statement baubles, come fall, and you will want to update your box with dainty, delicate jewellery. The reasons? Less of a hassle under the chunky layers of fall, and they make a classic, chic statement. As jewellery designer Mrinalini Chandra puts it, “You can have as many delicate pieces and wear them together unlike statement pieces. Also, you don’t have to think about it so much before buying a minimal piece of jewellery. It’s an easy buy.”


If you think that simple jewellery is too understated, think again. Look to the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Cara Delevingne and Miley Cyrus, who believe in the power of fuss-free jewellery. Need we say more?


When building your collection, start with layered chains, sleek bracelets, midi rings and ear-studs. As Mrinalini recommends, “Make sure each piece gets individual attention. Overlapping lengths may lead to a formation of a bunch and pieces lose their individuality.” 


Pendants with your name initials or zodiac signs will give a personalised spin to the layering game.

Now you can either go for a few simple dainty pieces, here and there, however, playing with layers doubles up the fun of making a statement with delicate jewellery. Layering can be challenging for a few. Designers Vidhi and Mamta Gupta of Zariin believe, “Layering is all about adding depth to a look with various elements.” For beginners, don’t go beyond three chains of graduating lengths to create the classic layered look. Take it up a notch by placing a coloured stone or a timepiece with gold chains. Pendants with your name initials or zodiac signs will give a personalised spin to the whole layering game.


Layering is very personal, state Vidhi and Mamta. “The one thing we love about layering is that there are no rules.” They share a few pointers 


Don’t be afraid to mix metals and contrasting textures. Layer earthy beads with pearls, leather with chains, etc.
Add bar jewellery for a polished, minimal effect or coin jewellery for a bohemian feel.
Throw in some vintage vibe into your look. Pair the old with the new, like an old heirloom piece with modern knick-knacks.


Avoid matching as the pieces get lost in each other.
Never wear two pendants of a similar size together. There should be a variation.

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