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“I have nothing to wear!” Does that sound familiar? Most of us never seem to have anything to wear - to work, a date, a party. Is the closet at fault or are we? Well ladies, it’s time to let out the crazy and get in the calm. Because fixing one’s wardrobe is not the job of the weak-hearted but the strong-minded.

White t shirt and jeans outfit

Create a section called ‘Tees Only’ in your closet. While black, white and grey rule the roost, inundate it with different colours, cuts and fabrics.

Open back street style

If the fairy godmother gave Cinderella black pumps, they wouldn’t have come off 

Paris fashion week street style

Whatever the ‘next big must-have’ to cover your pins, never ever forget a well-fitted pair of denims. This eternal saviour transforms the wearer into a vision of a kind.

 Midi skirt street style trend

A pencil skirt tailored to boot, can put you up there among the fashion A-listers. Make sure though whatever the length, the fit is organic. An ill-fitted one will end up looking frumpy.

Paris winter street style – Parisian street style

A well-fitted jacket is another important addition to the perfect wardrobe. Button up or zip down, a jacket is symbolic of confidence and a feminine “masculinity”. On good terms with skirts and best-friends with denims, a jacket can be your lifetime accomplice in all things adventurous.

 Street fashion

For those boardroom meetings, better get those dress pants! With a low bun or high ponytail, dress pants carry along their own spotlight.

Slip dress street style

If you are a bag of nerves before a doozy date or even a business lunch, go under the sheath. In its simplicity lies the cure for impending sartorial disasters.

Street style 2016 Italy

If the fairy godmother had given Cinderella black pumps, we are sure they wouldn’t have ever come off. That’s the loyalty a well-suited pair of black pumps can offer your feet. They are also versatile and the BFF of every dress you own.

Gucci loafers street style

Listen to your feet when you hear, “no heels/no pumps”! Spoon them, cuddle them in a pair of super comfy moccasins, loafers or even boots. The next best thing to naked feet.

Milan fashion week

Among the most basic ingredients of a functional wardrobe is a good leather handbag. Whether it’s a carry-all/tote is entirely your discretion. We suggest you keep it both spacious and sexy.

New York fashion week street

A scarf, whether wool, pashmina, silk, mul or cotton can save you from a bad hair day and lift a simple attire to great heights. Go big on florals this summer to feel light and high-spirited.

Watches street style – New York fashion week

A good watch can save you lot of time fussing over other accessories. Save all your love and money for an oversized watch to make it your time to sizzle.

With these in your wardrobe, rest assured that, your style statement is well taken care of.

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