The founder of Cocoon Fine Rugs talks to us about their latest collaboration with Rooshad Shroff.

On their collaboration with Rooshad Shroff | Our previous collection – Baroque Gardens was designed by Varun Bahl and employed a lot of floral motifs and other elements making the collection highly fashionable. For the next collection, we wanted a completely fresh perspective. We felt that Rooshad with his keen eye for design and his expertise with architecture and interiors would be able to bring in just the thing we were looking for in terms of designs.

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On the inspiration behind this collection | The inspiration for ‘Tessellations’, Rashad's collection for Cocoon Fine Rugs, comes from traditional Indian flooring patterns of heritage bungalows-something that has always intrigued Rooshad. Being a trend-setter, Rooshad noticed that people are welcoming heavily patterned floorings which form the main focus within the interiors these days. This observation is what formed the basis for the collection.

surrealism designer rugs – Home décor

On the techniques and materials used |All the rugs in this collection have been made using different blends of wool and are hand knotted to perfection. While Baroque Gardens was on the higher end made using the finest blends of wool and silk, for Tessellation, we stuck to wool because both Rooshad and I wanted to make sure the collection was more affordable.

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On the motifs of this collection | The motifs have all been conceptualized by Rooshad and his keen sense of design. The colors, however, is what we sat down together and decided upon since we wanted the end result to be exactly the way we pictured it.

On decorating one’s personal space | Adding a carpet to any setting immediately adds character to that space. You can use a rug to add color to space or simply to enhance the richness of the room. Choosing the right rug is highly crucial though. For rooms that already have too many colors, the rug should be chosen to bring out a single color. Whereas in rooms that use a single, plain color, a rug with heavy designs and patterns fits perfectly. In fact, many interior designers choose the carpet first and then pick out furnishing that would go well with the rug.

Designer Carpet collection for Interior decoration

On his personal favorite from the collection | My personal favorite is the ‘Arabesque’ rug because of its beautifully intricate pattern and dramatic, bold colors.

Designer Carpet collection for Interior decoration

On their target customer | Through this collection, we aim to target those consumers who like modernized settings, but would still like to add a traditional element into their spaces. These rugs would be the perfect piece of timelessness to add to the settings since they are inspired by Indian flooring patterns of heritage bungalows. Each of the rugs in this collection has splendid designs and the outcome has brought out the richness in the colors so if one wishes to, he/she can design their entire room or set around the rug.

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