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“Live for now” or, to use millennial speak, “FOMO”, are adages that drag many of us out of our homes and to that gallery or bar opening. But do we really want to be out all night? Or is a cup of cocoa in your chic and effortlessly comfortable living room calling your name?

Ditch the high heels and embrace the inner you, whether your soul calls for Scandinavian minimalism or a decadently cozy spirit. We’re all for turning spaces into sanctuaries, and so we dove into the other world of social media, one populated with inspired decor, travel and art details, to convert your home into the hottest ticket in town:

Saar  Manche
Netherlands based illustrator, painter and photographer Saar Manche might not be on top of the list of designers to follow, for she isn’t one. This Dutch based artist’s Instagram feed however, should be on the list for those who have a stark appreciation of light and clean spaces. Gorgeously photographed interior shots and close-ups of design objects and patterns allow for wonderful tableaus of domestic life in Manche’s feed. Follow her or tune into her blog for ideas to make your home a haven of light.

Athena Calderone
The brains behind the popular blog, Eye Swoon, New York based interior designer, home chef and entertainment expert Athena Calderone has a real eye for beauty. Beginning Eye Swoon “as a place to transform ordinary life into a feast for the eyes,” Calderone continues with her Instagram feed full of singular design pieces and ideas. Between her latest project, renovating her Brooklyn townhouse, her beach house in Amagansett and projects for her clients, she  showcases her unique flair for juxtaposing contrasting styles and colours. Journey with the designer whose work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Vogue and The New York Times.

Anne Sage
LA stylist, designer, blogger and author of Sage Living: Decorate for the Life You Want, Anne Sage curates artfully lit spaces drawing us to her eye for pattern and monochromes. Her bright imagery showcases ways to introduce plants into modern scapes. As co-founder of LA based quirky studio, Light Lab, her attention to lighting takes precedence. Seek out her feed if you plan to revamp intimate spaces in your home.

An Indian Summer
An Indian Summer, curated by Bhavna Bhatnagar, is a design blog that provides vignettes of vintage design, plays out contemporary travel settings and captures a beautifully curated lifestyle. Drawing upon style, interior decor, architecture, light and colour, this is a glimpse of India from a romantic past that creates a singular sepia-toned mood.

Remember to have fun exploring new artists, musicians and photographers or filmmakers: their social media feeds can provide inspiration at a serendipitous moment!

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