Furniture designer Hardik Gandhi gives us thoughtful designs for everyday living; three functional picks from his collection

Mumbai-based Hardik Gandhi graduated from NID before setting up his studio Design Gandhi. He believes in “creating thoughtful and aspirational designs for everyday living”. His was the only Indian design label to showcase at the Ventura Interieur in collaboration with Biennale Interieur 2014 in Belgium. He gives us the top three picks from his furniture designs 

Mahatma Gandhi – Hardik Gandhi paisley design pouf

PAISLEY pouf This droplet-shaped motif is partly of Indian origin, popular the world over. Inspired by this form, I designed the “paisley” pouf. This charming piece of design will make an impression in your surrounding spaces. It is very metaphorical, functional and certainly bold and beautiful too.

Buy nesting tables online India

FLOAT nesting table The aim of designing this product was to enhance corners, which are usually look boxed in. Hence, I created a certain identity by using the most basic forms, such as squares and circles, blended with pop art to design “float” nesting tables. It certainly gives a distinct and seamless formal language that enhances the corner of any space.

Unique stools

XCENT stool/side-table This award-winning design is inspired from the structural beauty of roadside furniture used by the “bhelwala” or traditional “Modha” seating made of cane straw material. The idea was to make it a contemporary, yet handy domestic piece for daily activities, like sitting or climbing to access the loft or as a side-table.

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