This big trade fair decides the big design trends

This year’s Salone del Mobile or Milan Design Week was the largest one yet with over 430,000 attendees from 188 countries. With 1800 exhibitors, it sets the standard for interior and furniture design globally.

This year witnessed avant garde designs employing technology, a return to basics from eras long past, and a peek into the future with a strong emphasis on sustainability.

Whether you hire an interior designer to remodel or want to give your space a quick touch-up, some inspiration from the industry can’t hurt. Here is our roundup of the latest trends to shape your home in the coming year:


Texture, luxurious fabric and tactile material ruled the day, making us embrace our furniture for a comforting connection. This cabinet by Natuzzi does just that with its textured surface and sleek finish. Poliform’s upholstered chairs reiterate this movement: think silk and velvet or finish that piece of wood against the grain. Use your sense of touch to keep you on trend.

Image: The Materialists at Venture Future with Paper Extended, courtesy of Inexhibit and The Materialists (L); and Envisions-Wood in progress photographed by Ronald Smits (R).

Sustainability and Recycling
Salon del Mobile’s manifesto set the stage for sustainable design with an appeal that resonated with designers and brands. There was a fresh approach to recycling materials, like the fine plastic vases debuted by Japanese designer Kodi Iwamoto made with recycled material. You don’t have to go to Japan to be sustainable though! Repurpose those discarded or broken fixtures, vases or décor items, giving them a new lease of life.

Colour and Pattern

The ‘more is less’ trend has transformed design sensibilities in 2018: colour, clashing patterns and drama are the order of day. A whole spectrum of hues was on display, from earthy tones such as burgundy and mustard, to neon pink and avocado green. An easy way to incorporate the look would be to up the contrast - think theatre and go big.


The spotlight was on all things retro. Moooi’s shelving unit recalls an atmosphere of nostalgia with its wood finish and fluid lines. This trend is great if you’re looking for a simple upgrade instead of a complete revamp: just explore your attic or garage for long lost treasures that have been gathering dust.


Google made its Milan debut this year, along with exhibits by Panasonic and Dassault Systemes. Opening with ‘Softwear’, curated by trend forecaster Li Edelkoort, Google showcased its hardware in everyday sets, exploring ways in which technology would become more tactile in the future. With an emphasis on technology becoming part of a healthy lifestyle, it looks like our homes will continue to evolve beyond smart homes.

Which trend speaks to your design personality? Remember to be true to yourself, for trendy or not, your home should be a personal oasis.

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