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If it has been a month since you bought those sports shoes and yoga pants and now all you do is look at them every day wondering ‘maybe tomorrow’ then we have some good news for you! To give a swift push to your will power, we bring you India's most revered women fitness enthusiasts! These women fitness influencers have not only pushed the stereotype mentality of the society with their sweat, years of hard work, and dedication but play a great role in motivating women and infusing the sense of fitness in our life. Just in case you thought that you can't escape hitting snooze on your gym appointment, rely on these female fitness icons who will fill your Instagram feeds with motivation, so much that you will soon find yourself posting selfies of your workout sessions. 

Don't believe us? Here’s how you make it happen.

Bani J

Hailing all the way from Punjab, this lady who is an inspiration to every generation and gender, after starting her journey from Roadies Bani has travelled a long way to become the ‘now’ one of the most renowned fitness icons in India. This fitness addict worked hard to build a then-not-favoured muscular body and kicked the orthodox mindset which once believed that a muscular physique is not for women! Honestly, who doesn’t like that now? Bani's dedication to break the barriers made her make an inspiring world of acting and modelling for herself, and eventually a brand ambassador of two respected nutrition companies. The confident personality of Bani is what makes her an inspiration for everyone, and if you have ever been sceptical about weight lifting and athletic body then you should definitely scroll her feed once!

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Mandira Bedi 

Age is just a number? Well, Mandira Bedi is the proof! And not only about age but how you can manage multiple professions, all it requires is a thought and consistent dedication! For the past two decades, this fitness freak is changing the perspectives and ideologies with her versatile personality. This fitness influencer who is also a mommy started her journey from Indian television, stepped into the world of cricket as an anchor, mesmerized the world with her creativity as a fashion designer in Lakme Fashion Week 2014, and now Mandira is the perfect embodiment of fitness. Is there anything she can’t do? To bring in some deadly #100-day life-changing challenges keep peeking in Mandira Bedi’s Instagram account!

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Radhika Bose

Being a lady boss is clearly not a child play but worth the struggle and Radhika Bose's success story is a story of just that! After working as a video editor primarily, Radhika explored her love for yoga and devoted herself for 10 years in sincere practising with an urge to establish herself as a renowned yoga instructor. And today, she indeed is recognized as one of the most prompted yoga professional and fitness trainer in the fitness realm. Her determination to prove herself has introduced many with inspiration and we can't deny this, can we? The blissful combination of physical and mental strength is what you should seek for in Radhika.

Photo credits: Radhika Bose

Yasmin Karachiwala

Do you ever wonder who is responsible for the toned and carved bodies of Bollywood actresses? Well, ask any fitness enthusiast or Bollywood fan and they will say Yasmin Karachiwala! This fitspo focuses on making the body muscular and toned without losing its flexibility; and is adorned for making the workout sessions fun by incorporating news ways of weightlifting, cardio, and many more. Yasmin came back from the US with the certificate in Pilates and that is when she decided to bring the right direction of fitness in India. Kareena Kapoor joined Yasmin as her first celebrity client and since then she has accomplished infinite blooming shots in the industry and there’s no stopping. Just have a look at her workout videos on Instagram and your quotient for fitness inspiration will be sufficed.

Photo credits: Hotelier Maldives

Sapna Vyas 

Sapna Vyas, the celebrity fitness trainer and Indian model boosts of body positivity, fitness, and extensive workouts on her Instagram to motivate people in every possible way! This fitness professional pursued Psychology in bachelor's and master's in business administration but the lady had the passion to make herself stand out from the mainstream crowd – the 30-year-old international fitness icon was earlier an oversized teenager who struggled to lose 36 kgs in a year. Later in the journey to fulfil her dreams, Sapna completed her PhD in Nutritional Science and Dietary which rather reinforces her fitness quotient. In case you don’t know, Sapna is also a certified Reebok fitness professional!

Photo credits: Sapna Vyas 

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