Getting married and confused about your trousseau | Anjali Sharma of French Curve offers tips for the bride-to-be

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. But that’s only half the truth. Trust us, the days leading to the wedding especially the ones that involve a visit to your bridal designer are equally crucial. At IFM, we sat down with designer Anjali Sharma of French Curve to help brides-to-be understand and work upon their equation with their bridal designer of choice.


What’s the story behind the name French Curve | French Curve is a technical instrument, a plastic ruler which is curved and is used to shape steep curves in a garment pattern? Designers and architects use it. Through it, we offer luxury pet womenswear, while my label Anjali Sharma is about high-end Indian traditional clothing. We retail out of select stores in India and do bespoke as well.


What is the design process when it comes to bridal wear | Bridal trousseaus are a fun process and most of the time very personal. Brides like to invest time into their outfits and their family is involved too. We work closely with the clients and interact with them at every stage. I personally bond with my clients and know which jewelry and accessories the bride is slotted to wear at which event.


What makes it challenging | Can you quote a few situations that you found tough to tackle | Oh, it is very challenging. We make it a point to seep into our clients’ minds and work super closely to get something they’ve dreamed of, and that is not easy at all. One interesting time was when this bride wanted a ‘champagne’ color woven into her outfit and we worked on it for almost two months to get it right. From the perfect shade and hue, finding what the bride had in mind turned into a journey in itself.


What are the most common mistakes | Most important is to have a timeline and a budget in place? With clarity, a lot can be achieved. One must let the experts take a call on a lot of points. There’s friction only if there are too many opinions. Even during the selection of an outfit, the bride should have her closest confidant, be it her mother or a friend, give a verdict. Finally, it’s a good idea to keep a buffer on budgets and timelines. With a wedding this only shoot upwards.

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